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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heavenly Home

One of my favourite local magazines, House and Leisure, featured this home in their luxury edition this month. I totally fell in love with this house, and felt compelled to share it with you. I tried to scan the photos in, but for some reason it wouldn't work, so I ended up taking photos of the photos so I apologise for the bad quality. If you can get hold of a copy of the mag, it is really worth it. It is choc full of wonderful inspiration.

I just love this facade with the deeply recessed French doors, the wall and trim colours, the lanterns and the wonderfully long table under the plane trees. It is just pure romance.

This house is based in JHB but many of the fixtures and furnishings were brought over from France. The daybed, light fitting and columns in the picture below came from various places in France.

The house is an original farmhouse and has many of the features of these old houses such as numerous fireplaces and thick walls. The picture below is the house's original serving area. What a wonderful place to serve drinks from.

The kitchen is large and inviting. The copper pots are from Rue Montmarte in Paris. Don't you love the basket full of eggs in the background. That would make one very large omelette!

This French settee is covered in original Aubusson fabric.

These carriage lights are 16th century Venetian and the table is from a French bistro. The beautiful herringbone floors are white oak.

The stone fireplace you can catch a glimpse of to the left was hand carved. The "calissons", a French confection, in the foreground were made by the home owner. Clearly someone with many talents!

The sitting room is so beautiful. The mirror is an antique from the Empire period.

The main bedroom is triple volume with an antique chandelier and silk curtains. I just love the scale of everything in this home.

The main bathroom with matching French porcelain basins. Beautiful!

This pretty Toile de Jouy bedroom belongs to the eldest daughter. The bed and canopy are also French finds.

Truly a beautiful home don't you think? 

All pictures from House and Leisure magazine

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Wow!!!
    What a wonderful home. Amazing furniture in perfect french touch!
    This is the exact style I love.
    Bisou, Babi

  2. Beautiful photos Sharon! Love the first & second images....would love a long lunch in the sunshine at that lovely long table!

    XO Kerry

  3. Oh I can completely understand why you love this house Sharon! I don't think there is a room that I don't love and adore! As you say the scale is just spot on and the image of the little girl sitting in the large elegant chair is so Alice in Wonderland! Thank you so much for going to such lengths to post this, I for one am very grateful! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxx

  4. That home is absolutely amazing. I just love how all the different antiques from different places and periods truly work well together.


  5. Love the house and the parquet timber floors. In Melbourne where I grew up we had beautiful plane trees. We don't have them here in Brisbane and I miss them.

  6. That is one fabulous house.

    I just love the furniture,
    they seem to have a soul of their own and seems to have a lot of history inside them.

    And yes, the facade is beautiful ♥

  7. Love, love, love the house. the first picture makes me dream !

  8. Gorgeous! I especially loved the picture of the kitchen!!! I'm a kitchen fanatic so that was a special treat with the copper pans, the table full of delicious things and that basket of eggs was fabulous!

    great post!

  9. I have no words for that home!

  10. This home is a dream Sharon!!!!
    Oh how are some people so lucky in this lifetime!!!
    Thanks for sharing ....this is my second visit to this post lol !!!

    Pamela xo

  11. Sharon, we are in love with this house. Every element in the home is perfect. Love all of the details! Thanks for sharing.
    Angela and Renee

  12. WOW. So much to admire. From the long table in the garden to the two darling sinks. Love it. Thanks.

  13. This home is to die for, Sharon! It's not enough that every piece is so incredibly gorgeous, but the placement of each is superb!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, I'm going to have to find a copy so I can stare at it often.

  14. Oh I was drooling over it myself last night when I got my copy of the mag! How about all the places that the wonderful contents comes from as well? It's a wonderful home...sigh of pleasure thank you Sharon...


  15. Gorgeous, I especially love that bathroom with the twin sinks/mirrors. Tks for sharing. I'll be on the lookout for that mag. :)

  16. How beautiful...the rustic little bistro table and that mirror behind it, stole my heart!

  17. What a gorgeous home. Love the beautiful living room and the daughter's bedroom...perfection!!

  18. I'm in love with every little crusty detail. I'll just have to go back and look at every image again. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you've had a great weekend. Mona

  19. Absolutely beautiful. Right from the very first picture.

  20. I can't believe this place is based in JHB! I could have sworn it was tucked away in some little French village! I love the soft colours of the exterior and that gorgeous banquet table with the bench!

  21. Too much attractive and beautiful candle stands. It is beautiful to keep in dinning room. I have two same in two color and I am planning to keep one in home entrance.