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Friday, July 29, 2011

Strangely beautiful or just strange?

Lately I have come across some images that I find somewhat odd. The kind that you look at and say "seriously?"  I thought, for fun, I would share a few with you.

The first is this living room. I love this room. It has lovely features and beautiful proportions. I love the ottoman, the floors, the mirror and the fireplace. But, I have to ask.... is that the best way to hang the beautiful chandelier?

And then we have this study. I love the rustic trestle table used as a desk, I love the upholstered chair, the lantern and the lamp, but that imposing bison head?!?

Then this kitchen - a beautiful light, spacious and airy room. I love the red Smeg fridge. But .... ( I'll bet you are thinking I'm going to ask about the wisdom of the car on the wall..) I'll admit, it would not be my choice of art, but I can see it's appeal. No, the thing that I find disturbing is the table. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine table, but it seems to be missing a front right leg?!? Isn't that weird? How on earth does it balance?

A lovely pendant lamp or lantern would have been my choice for this pretty room. That upside down boat just gives me that sinking feeling!

I have no words....
(I wouldn't choose this even if I was backed into a corner!)

I have seen this picture a few times and I really do find those chair legs disturbing. Is it just me? I think I would feel like I was sitting down to dinner on my dog!

I would love to hear what you think.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. They are all strange! The bison head really cracks me up! Can you imagine being able to get any work accomplished at your desk with that gi-normous head looming over you??!! lol

  2. That beautiful bedroom in image 4 puts me on edge!
    I couldn't walk into that room let alone sleep in the bed! A shame as it is very charming.....
    Enjoy your weekend Sharon, best wishes Kerry

  3. I saw that last picture in the one and only magazine I subscribe to. I thought it quite odd. I agree all of these are a little strange. Maybe they're just wanting us to take a second look. ?

  4. i agree with Lisa...
    and that curved chair!! who'd sit on that??? hilarious. thanks for sharing...

  5. Sharon, we always try to stay positive and find the good in everything. However, a few of these leave us wondering..."What were they thinking?"
    The bison head is too funny! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!
    Angela and Renee

  6. Hahaha! I never "got" the upside down row boat. I'm glad you included it in this. I do love that tufted ottoman though!

  7. Ditto -frowns-and ha-ha.......I do love the old marriage dome in the first image,but on the floor?....I would like to believe it was just staging and not permanently! Enjoy your weekend, loving the winter sun today. XO Col

  8. I give you the award for coming up with pictures of the unusual decorating elements out there!! You werent' kidding...I don't know...I applaud creativity and new ideas but this is possibly taking it a step too far, not my thing personally but I suppose beauty really is in the eye of the beholder! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. The bison head actually cracks me up. It's quirky. but the bent chair? To weird. The animal leg dining chairs? Ick!

  10. OMG! This is just horrible, hahahahahahahaha. That first photo will continue to amaze me forever because apart from that awful rope the space is beautiful.

  11. Thanks for the nice voice.Z happy to look into you. Greetings from Polish-aga

  12. This post has me cracking up with laughter. I saw the image with the boat on the ceiling last week and thought to myself...are you kidding me? And really that chandelier hanging on the floor?

  13. no thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's the kind of decor i would never have!!! too freaky!!!! but they make me smile though!
    take care,

  14. Oh yes - too much. Especially the bull. How could you sit there?

  15. These images are too funny! I have to agree with finding those chair legs disturbing!
    I saw a house for sale here and the family room had an entire front of a pick up truck! This was a high end home! Horrible!!
    Thanks for the laughs Sharon!
    Pamela xo

  16. Funny pictures!
    Never see anything like these!
    I have no words too.
    I hope you had a wonderful week end and I wish you a great new week!
    Bisou, Babi

  17. Oh my hat, my husband would get the fright of his life with that Bison head! I am laughing already, I can just imagine it, him walking into the room unsuspecting and being confronted with that! Yip some weirdo ones and some strange minds that created them... Well at least we were entertained, hhehehe. Thanks sharon and I had a look at The Paper Mulberry and loved it. Thanks so much for sharing it!


    PS: Went to Biggie Best recently but could not see any Feur de Lis Dinnerware but also thought of Country Living in Jozi if you happen to get there some time.

  18. How have I lived without a giant Bison head in my living room? Just out of interest, where on earth would you purchase a giant stuffed Bison? I must admit that I actually quite like the boat on the ceiling but I would worry about it falling on me in the night!

  19. Hi Sharon, I'm with you on these pictures, they are somewhat strange. And the last image do look exactly like dogs legs. At first I thought they looked like human feet. Each to their own, I suppose! Leahx