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Friday, July 22, 2016

Lust for Linen

I have always championed crisp white cotton bed linen with as high a thread count as your budget can stretch to. But I have to confess to having lustful thoughts of late. I blame Pinterest! I did a search on pure linen bed linen and I've now become smitten with the idea.

There is something about it that oozes lived-in luxury, crumpled elegance, laid back style and faded glamour that I am finding irresistible.  One enthusiastic pinner compared sleeping in a bed with linen sheets to floating on a cloud, wrapped in cashmere! Well, wouldn't we all like to be doing that!

It conjures up ideas in my head of lazy lie-in's, breakfast in bed, snuggling with kids and dogs and husbands (well maybe just one husband). Relaxed living at it's best. I wonder if I succumb to some of this linen whether I will start getting breakfast in bed?

The thing that I'm not so sure about is this - if I get some for my bed - will it look like these beautiful, stylized, artfully creased and crumpled images, or will it just look like I'm a bit of a slag that couldn't be bothered to make my bed properly?  

It definitely isn't a neat and crisp bedroom look.

And if I indulge, do I stick to white or should I choose some of the gorgeous pastels, greys and naturals instead?

 It seems that there are more questions than answers!

Thoughts please.....

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. I love the rumpled, comfy look of wrinkled linen in photos as well. I invested in a gorgeous gray duvet and euro shams, but the OCD in me won't allow anything but a neatly folded duvet at the end of my bed! Lovely photos, definitely makes me want to try mussing it up again!

  2. Loved this post Sharon! I adore linen...trousers, shirts, tablecloths and curtains too, but I hadn't considered sleeping on it until I read your post. There is something deliciously laid-back and, well, French about it. I have learnt the hard way that linen clothing items look good for the first five minutes you have them on and then, unless you have a truly discerning eye, it just looks like you fished something out of the bottom of the laundry basket for that day's outfitI have kept it out of my wardrobe and restricted it to soft furnishings since. But linen you've got me thinking. And as for the creasing, who would let anyone without a discerning eye into their bedrooms anyway! xxxxx keep blogging, I love reading your posts xxxx

  3. White with grey or khaki walls, or grey or khaki if you have white walls.

    Love linens too.

    Happy shopping. Happy weekend.

  4. I like the gray and white mixed.

  5. I love linen. I use it year round, and it is true that the more you wash it the softer it gets. In summer it stays cool, and in winter warm. I find that if I take my linen straight out of the dryer while still warm, fold them,stack them, that when ready to use they are almost without wrinkles if you need a less rumpled look. I did a bedroom for a client, and she adores her linen sheets, but irons them. Not me! I have two sets, both colored, which I mix and match.

  6. Some lovely mulberry and grey shades are in the H&M Home store, and I keep wandering past thinking the same thing about the 'crushed and crumpled look'!Cant decide if its pristine enough :)

  7. Hi Sharon! Do you remember Trish from Trouvais? She used to always do posts on Bella Notte Linens, and Trish and I both have the good fortune to live near the outlet store. If you are unsure of the "crumpled look" of linen, you can mix linen with other fabrics. Linen sheets with a silk duvet and a quilted silk velvet bedcover? That way you have high and low on the bed according to the "crumple" meter. Everything doesn't look crumpled at the same time. I've had linen sheets for 5 years now but their time is ending. On sale linen sheets are still a bit pricey and I'm finding we wear them out way too quickly. My boyfriend's "happy feet" wear out big sections at night while he sleeps, so I'm thinking of going back to pure cotton which still has some wrinkle factor but lasts longer in this household. Check out Bella Notte's site and see how they mix and match all their textiles. Love your posts! Kathy.

  8. I've read the luxurious descriptions of how wonderful sleep in on linen. I don't think I could relax with the hundreds of wrinkles if it turns out of the dryer like my linen blouses before they're ironed. I know, it's just me, but I would feel compelled to iron. I hate ironing. :-) Let me know what you decide and if it's wonderful and you love it I may reconsider.

  9. I could never return to cotton percale sheets and bedding! Pure linen is the way to go, the wrinkles are beautiful, the look casual and comfy with a come hither, climb into natural comfort look, and you will sleep better I promise. Who the heck wants to iron huge things like sheets anyway? Take the linen ones from a gentle dryer before they are completely dry and smooth them out on the bed - you will adore them.

    Meanwhile during the terrible hot Summer months here, 110F today, I'm wearing a lot of linen and have now become quite comfortable when garments are not ironed - just enjoy the beautiful natural feel of a very special fibre.

    Mary in North Carolina