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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Riverside Retreat

When I feel like escaping from the daily grind of lunchboxes, laundry and school lifts, but I can't  physically run away, I resort to a mental escape instead. Here is a place that I could very happily spend some time out in. Based in the Frio Canyon area of Texas, USA, this home has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and has the added benefit of being right on the Frio River.  

The stone homestead has a rustic, country feel, with contemporary touches that keep it up to date. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere, with loads of natural light. 

The white painted high ceilings prevent the rustic beams from becoming oppressive and create a beautiful backdrop for the eclectic light fixtures. 

There is a little area is to the right of the fireplace perfect for board games and beer.

Looking through the living room towards the kitchen....

...and the dining room on the right.

A beautiful open space, perfect for casual living and entertaining.

I love the extra large kitchen island that could easily accommodate a whole bevy of family and  friends prepping meals and chatting. 

Below is the separate scullery area.

The bedrooms are a great combination of luxury and simplicity.

There are mezzanine loft areas in 2 of the bedrooms for extra sleeping quarters. Very clever for accommodating families.

An outdoor shower adds to the bathroom options.

The open plan living area flows seamlessly onto the large enclosed patio which has a built in barbeque at one end and fireplace at the other.

And finally the beautiful river setting - perfect for gazing into the distance, enjoying the peace and quiet, the only sound to disturb the stillness would be the gentle sipping on a G&T!

Ok, after that bit of time out, I'm ready to return to life and laundry.

Till next time

Sharon x

Architects: Shiflet Group Architects
Interior Design: Blair Burton 


  1. Oh, Sharon, this is outside San Antonio, Texas in our Texas Hill Country. So thrilled you featured MY state.
    It's so beautiful here, with many landscape transformations as the state is so large. The home is typical of the hill country style....large, open and welcoming...just like all of us Texans. Sending a big hug from Houston.

  2. Sharon, would you mind if I repost this beautiful piece, as I live in Texas. I'll point everyone to YOU, of course.

  3. Sharon,
    Wow, this is an amazing home. Is it for rent. My oldest son and family live in Austin, which isn't too far away. What a great getaway this place would provide. Even without a visit in reality, my blood pressure went down just viewing this homes serenity. I love so many features but especially the stone walls.

    Thanks for's back to the grind.

  4. Hi Sharon, visiting you thanks to a heads up from Marsha in Texas!
    This property is awesome - I've visited the Texas Hill Country and must say it's a beautiful area, and of course home to America's foremost antiques fairs.
    I've enjoyed two visits - safari trips - to South Africa but have yet to get to your beautiful Cape Town, some day hopefully. I'm off to Kenya in September - looking forward to time in the Maasai Mara area and more exciting wildlife experiences.

    Mary (originally from England and 54 years in the USA)

  5. Wow! You live in Africa and you know about The Frio??? Cool! Actually....COLD!.... that's what Frio means, and it IS that! On the hottest Texas day, this river is cold and SO refreshing! What a beautiful home you found to show us. Is it a private home? Rental? I live about an hour away from this place. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Found your blog via Marsha at Splendarosa. This is a lovely blog. I to am off to South Africa this fall. Looking forward to visiting your lovely country.

  7. Sharon, A big thank you to Marsha at Splenderosa for reposting your blog...I am now a happy follower of yours! Lovely Blog!!
    Linda Floyd

  8. Hi,
    Have found you via Marsha's blog.
    Very interesting "Texas house" - almost European :-)
    Love it.

  9. YUM YUM, Marsha of Splenderosa sent me to YOU! WONDERFUL !!! merci beaucoup!!!