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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Raw beauty - brick floors

One normally associates brick flooring with patios or paving, but I'm sure these pictures will convince you that brick floors work equally well inside the house.

It is a great option for kitchens, low maintenance and hard wearing.

It works particularly well in laundry rooms and utility areas...

.....but brick flooring doesn't have to be confined to the "back rooms" of the house. Here are some examples of where it has been used to great effect in entrance halls...

and living and dining rooms...

...and it is the perfect flooring to use for a wine room or cellar...

....and, while you are at it, why not use it on the ceiling as well?

Finally, it works surprisingly well in a bedroom or bathroom as illustrated here.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am off to Paris on Wednesday so I will say au revoir for a while but will certainly get back to blogging on my return.
Till next time
Sharon x
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  1. GORGEOUS Sharon...I always loved the look of a brick floor! We are looking to replace the tile that's in our kitchen, foyer and powder room, this post has me thinking:)

  2. Beauty! It's hard on the feet and legs though, so wouldn't put it in a kitchen; but an entry your photos show...stunning.

  3. Hi Sharon, gorgeous examples! Absolutely love pavers in a one I guess;) Wishing you a happy Sunday! xob

  4. Wonderful images, Sharon.
    I wish that we could have brick placed in our family room.
    Bon Voyage!

  5. I remember watching and trying to help my dad put a brick patio in when I was a little girl.. what a process that was, and a LONG time later it's still there. Beautiful inspiration here and I will need to pin a few:) I love the kitchen and laundry room! xxL

  6. I love brick floor just a timeless classic! Thanks for using the picture of the wine room we had done the finishes on. Hope all is well with you! xo Leslie

  7. Never thought it looks so chic. I like it especially in the kitchen.

  8. I have so been eyeing brick for several rooms. Thanks for the reinforcement. Beautiful as always. Monica.

  9. I had a brick floor in my very first kitchen and loved it! I love the kitchen in the third image! Fabulous!

    1. How did you clean the brick floor in your kitchen?

  10. I have always loved brick floors...have a great time in Paris....wish I could go with you!

  11. All of those rooms are fabulous with a brick floor!

  12. What a splendid idea to post about brick floors! I do love them! Enjoy Paris! Christa

  13. My next home!!! It just looks so warm!!
    Love it.

  14. I would love to do a brick floor in my kitchen. These are beautiful examples! Have you had them? I wonder if the kids would be falling and getting hurt on them... you know how boys are with the roughhousing! :)

  15. I've always liked the idea of a brick floor. I love the look from the photo of the foyer, the mix of formal and casual. Safe travels, enjoy Paris. Merci, great post............


  16. I love that! It adds so much character to a room. Warmth, charm and lots of personality.

    Friendly ~ Aina

  17. Sharon,
    I love the look, its a killer on the back and knees when you have to stand on them for a prolonged amount of time, as when you are cooking for Thanksgiving. They look great in any room and I especially like the look of brick mixed with wood.

  18. Sharon, I always find such great inspiration here. You have such great taste.


  19. I love brick floor just a timeless classic! but it's hard on feet and legs tough,would not put it in kitchen
    granite countertops

  20. What wonderful picture. So many inspirational photos. I want a brick bathroom floor now.

  21. We put brick floors in our kitchen and "breakfast area". I love them! They add so much character and are most certainly the most talked about thing when we have guests over. For cleaning they are much easier than you think. They are crazy awesome at hiding the dirt! A simple broom or sweeper vacuum is usually all it takes. Mopping is just some plain water with a bit of dish soap and a string mop. (Good old fashioned swabbing the decks). They dry super fast and we never slip on them. We slipped like crazy before having them installed and that was part of the reason we had them installed.

  22. Do you have suggestions on where to purchase bricks?