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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin colours

We had a wonderful trip to Paris and I promise to post some pics as soon as I get organised enough. Life has been somewhat busy since we got back and some days our time away seems like it was all just a dream. While on that subject of "busy-ness", I read somewhere that having a busy, busy life isn't the status symbol that some people seem to think it's just a sign of bad time management. Makes one think, doesn't it?

Moving on to other things....  Halloween is not really a big thing here in South Africa. The kids have caught on to the trick or treating idea - any excuse to gather a collection of sweets and treats, but generally people don't decorate their houses or celebrate the day in any significant way, as they do in the USA. But, because many of my blog friends and readers are American, I thought a post featuring the rich autumn colours of pumpkins might be appropriate.

Wishing you a all good week ahead and try not to be too busy! Doing nothing every now and then is good for the soul!
Till next time
Sharon x

Images all from Tumblr and Pinterest


  1. Welcome Back! Looking forward to your pics from beautiful Paris! That first picture is a favourite of mine. You will be happy to know I did nothing all day:) xob

  2. What a gorgeous post Sharon...I LOVE the colors, so warm and inviting and elegant and who wouldn't look good basking in the glow of these gorgeous colors! I look forward to seeing your pictures from magical Paris.

  3. Sharon...cant wait to see your pictures from your trip and it sounds like you had a wonderful time...Beautiful images of warm fall pretty!

  4. Some of my all-time favorite colors-- this post is as beautiful as the season.

    I think your children's idea of how to celebrate Halloween is considerably better than ours. My young children actually hate the goulish decorations, but of course are always game for the candy, caramel apples and such.


  5. Sharon,
    Welcome home...I'm sure your trip was wonderful. I like this nod to the season way better than any spooky decorations! Such a pretty selection.

  6. Beautiful...all of them! Love the way each used the pumpkin color with neutrals.

  7. Lovely images.
    Love autumn colors too
    they are so warm.

    Can't wait to see the pics from your Paris trip.

  8. Another gorgeous post. How pretty are the roses on the night stand?

  9. Pretty pictures of rooms. Thanks for sharing. Paula

  10. Olá, lindas inspirações. Aqui também não comemoramos o Halloween, uma pena pois é uma festa linda. Bem vinda, seu passeio deve ter sido maravilhoso.
    Bjos e tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

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