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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Have you Heard of Hygge?

Pronounced "hueguh", hygge is a Danish word, loosely translated as cosiness, togetherness, conviviality, comfort and contentment. The Afrikaans word "geselligheid" is a good description.

The Danes are one of the happiest nations on earth so perhaps it's worth paying attention to the concept of hygge. While I don't believe that anyone can be in a state of perpetual happiness (unless you are smoking something which might come with its own set of problems), I do think a state of general contentment with moments of pure happiness is worth pursuing.

So how do we create hygge in our homes? 

It's not about doing specific things, eating specific food or having a particular style of decor. It is more about creating an atmosphere of comfort and contentment that makes you feel happy.

 It tends to be associated more with winter - think fires, blankets, candles and hot drinks....

 but is certainly attainable on summer as well.

It is indulgent, but not decandent.... is about togetherness with family or friends...

but is equally achievable on one's own with a good book, a puppy and a glass of red...

It is about casual entertaining, no pomp and ceremony and no need for perfection. Its about inviting your friends over without worrying about your house being a bit untidy. 

It's about lighting candles...

bringing out the board games...

cosy blankets ...

comfort food....

and warm drinks.

It's not limited to home either. A picnic on the beach is very hygge... is meeting a friend for coffee and conversation.

 It is about slow food...

and fresh flowers.

It is about talking rather than texting and books, rather than TV...

It's about knitting, not networking. 

Its about creating family rituals and living in the moment.

...its about hot baths...

and snuggly babies.

And it's about love and laughter.

So why not introduce some hygge into your life? I'm definitely going to bring some into mine. 

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Oh, this was such a pleasant read - thank you, I needed this, Sharon!

  2. Momentos maravilhosos, lindas imagens. Feliz fim de semana.