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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grey Goodness

Grey must be one of the most useful and versatile colours in decorating.
It is an intermediate colour between black and white, a neutral or achromatic colour, meaning literally a colour "without colour".

There probably isn't a colour that can't be combined with grey.

Despite its popularity in decorating today, it had very humble origins. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, grey was the colour of undyed wool, and was the colour most commonly worn by peasants and the poor. The clothing of women working in the factories and workshops of Paris in the 19th century was usually grey. This gave them the name of "grisettes. "Gris" or grey also meant drunk, and the name "grisette" was also given to the lower class or Parisian prostitutes!.

So grey has come a long way and I think it is here to stay. And there probably are at least fifty shades of it!

Hope your week is anything but grey!
Till next time
Sharon x

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  1. Such beautiful images and I'm with you I love gray and finally getting some in our home. I hope you're enjoying your peace now that your men are back in school.


  2. lovely sharon!
    i so adore grey and hope it never goes the way of forest green, mauve, burgundy and other cringe worthy colors today.

    fascinating history, thank you!

  3. Merci pour ce beau reportage ! Toujours autant de plaisir à venir sur ton blog régulièrement !

  4. Another visually wonderful post. Love grey and gray and Roses and Rust. Thanks. Monica.

  5. Sharon,
    I love every single one of these images. Wow. I have very little gray in my home but no doubt, it is the "it" color right now. Such a pretty post.

  6. Your image source mentions Charming Spaces for pics 8 and 9. I have not been able to find that source. It would be so great to have a link to the sources of the pictures bloggers use. Always find myself wanting to know where all these beautiful pictures originate....and more times than not, they can't be found!!

  7. pretty....I also love the blue and white stripe bedspread with the gray...

  8. nice stuff!! That beautiful grey sofa is an ideal place where you can just sit relaxed and read your book!! Wow!!

  9. Dear Sharon ...
    I love grey ... These images are simply wonderful.
    This is my post, for sure ...
    Have a nice week end.
    Bisou, Babi

  10. Everything looks fantastic, I love grey very nice. xx

  11. Magnifique !
    I love grey and all these images are so beautifull ...
    Bon week-end