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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shutter Love

Whether used inside or on the exterior of a home, I really love the look of shutters. In addition to looking good, they are both practical and versatile. They can be a great alternative to curtains, can be used as a security measure, work well as room dividers, can be used as headboards, to conceal unsightly elements or purely as wall decorations. Having said that, however, I really dislike those fake shutters that are nailed on next to the windows outside a house, pretending to be the real thing! 


Till next time
Sharon x
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  1. Lovely collections of pictures. Thanks for compiling, Sharon.

  2. Wow, those photos are beautiful!
    I've been thinking of installing interior shutters at the windows of our fixer's living room bay.
    Remember those old-school shutters with the narrow louvers, back in the 70's + 80's?
    I wonder if those are making a comeback?
    Anyway, TY for sharing!
    KAY @

  3. Sharon,
    Such great shutters! I love the blue pair over the bathtub.
    So pretty.

  4. Agreed! Absolutely love the use of old shutters as you can probably tell from my overuse of them in my own home and those of others!!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I had to comment on the dining room with the apricot colored chairs - just as luscious as ripe fruit!

  6. ADORE the look..and you have showcased so many beautiful reasons why and how they work inside and out!

  7. Sharon, love them! .. Indoor or out. I am looking for a shutter with lots of patina to use in my family room. Also have had them in my last two prior homes and really liked them. They look so pretty layered with soft drapes.

  8. Hi there! I either wrote a blog about this; (fake way too small shutters nailed outside windows......EWWWWWWW!!!) Or; it might have been a comment before I had a blog!

    Either way; we agree! Far better no shutters; than skinny nailed-in-place fake shutters! YUCK!!

    Great call!!

    I love your blog!

  9. All wonderful examples of how to warm up a room!! It must be the beautiful patina of all the ones you have shown!! Hop you are having a great summer!! xo leslie

  10. I'm with you Sharon love shutters! I'm also with you on those nailed to the side of the house...HATE! One of our neighbors has plastic ones screwed to the house and they look horrible let alone don't let air in and around them, I can't imagine what's going on under them. Stunning examples!


  11. Beautiful and inspiring! I have seven windows waiting patiently for measurements and custom made wood shutters. I am even thinking of having the four living room ones made without paint so that I can faux finish them myself to guarantee they blend with the french country/mixture decor. The other three will be upstairs, with one the master bedroom and two in the man cave, and they can be a distressed white.

  12. Hi Sharon! I am so excited as I am waiting the installation for shutters in our home...they won't have the patina though that your beautiful examples have. You made me laugh out loud (and I am at the library!), with your comment about your laundry line! xob

  13. Wow!! awesome pictures!! the second last picture is so beautiful!!!

  14. Que c'est beau ! I love the old shutters ...
    Bon dimanche