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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The New Pam Pierce - Yes or No?

You have probably all seen the issue of Veranda featuring Pam Pierce's redesign of her home. I have been corresponding via email with a reader on the subject who though it might be a good idea for a post. The reader in question was somewhat disappointed with Pam's new direction and  I am going to stick my neck out here, and have to say, I agree with her. While Pam's design skills and talent are certainly not in question,  and I can understand that she wants to progress in a different direction, her new style is not entirely to my taste! Up until now I have been completely smitten with most of her interiors, but the contemporary elements included in her new design are just not my cup of tea! 

While I can appreciate the Eames chair and ottoman as a design classic, it is not a piece of furniture that I would want in my home. Some of you are probably horrified?

I personally find this dining room table and chairs too stark and contemporary - better suited to a boardroom than a dining room, imho.

I loved this previous incarnation of her dining room.

While I don't mind this new version on her living room  too much ... I so much prefer the previous versions below! (Not a big fan of the Wiggle chair.) 

The tulip table - also not for me, I'm afraid. I do like the addition of the interiors shutters, which don't seem to be in the previous interior below and that fireplace still remains one of my favourites ever!

I love everything in this previous version of this room, except the tulip table. 

Her new kitchen! The island leaves me cold, I have to say. It might be more at home in a restaurant kitchen. I'm pleased to see that she has kept the worn wooden beam and some of the warmer accessories like the old bread boards and cow head (or is it a bull?)

I was completely enamored with her kitchen when it looked like this!

Here, the lovely folding shutters have been removed and those beautiful wooden cupboard doors painted and given new handles, but this island is much prettier than her latest one.

I like her new bedroom, although I think curtains would make it a but warmer. I like the bed, love the chair and the chest of drawers next to the bed. I couldn't find a picture of her bedroom in it's past life so don't know what changes were made.

I also couldn't find a picture of her guest bathroom so I don't know what changed here either. I don't mind this one, although it is a little too "all - white" for my taste. 

Finally, her guest room - this is gorgeous - I wouldn't change a thing!  I wonder if she would have me to stay ............ probably not after reading this post :)

I think I would still happily have Pam travel across to South Africa to redecorate my home, but I would insist she reverts to more of her old style and the Wiggle chair, Eames Chair and tulip table can all stay behind.

I would love to hear your views.

Till next time

Sharon x

Image source: Veranda Magazine, Pam Pierce, Cote de Texas.


  1. I'm with you Sharon I much prefer Pam's old style to the new. I think you can marry new pieces with old but marrying post modern doesn't work in my personal opinion. It rather looks off and leaves me cold. Pam don't change your style please!


  2. Sharon, I think she is trying to appeal to a younger demographic, and is upping her game to appear more hip & happening. Houston is a huge international city with a young, successful population. This is the reason so many retail outlets have chosen Houston for their 1st new concept stores (like Restoration Hardware, BHLDN, & so on). I think the look is refreshing and if I could afford to change my entire house I would do it too.

  3. HI Sharon! I am with you. While there are some elements of the new version I like, I do prefer her previous decor. I wonder if she will tire of the new...Over all, I feel like it is too white, so it does not give me a warm and inviting feel. Great pics:) xob

  4. Ditto! My first reaction was..."whaaaat did she do"??? I was quite disappointed, when you see the house from its exterior you just imagine it has to be furnished like it was the first go around. I know everyone needs and wants change but this was a let down. The modern touches do not at all in my humble opinion work cohesively with the home or the other furnishings. I agreed with every word of your commentary right down to loving the guest room and keeping it as is...I feel the same!! Good post.

  5. I totally agree with you, Sharon. A period home should not look like a New York apartment!

  6. Beautiful home Sharon, but I prefer the old! The modern touches aren't for me.

  7. Dear Sharon,

    You been wonderfully polite, much more than I would be. The new design looks ghastly - not a teeny bit of charm in sight.

  8. Splenderosa I agree...I being a native Houstonian totally understand where she is going with her design. And I am an old Houstonian that loves this style... As you said, if I had the means to redo my interior, I'd call Pam, and let 'er go.. Her new decor/style is refreshing but with just the right amount of warm touches...And in answer to the question of this post...I say "yes".

  9. Hi Sharon!
    well… how to say this. Wil i be banned from your site if i say i actually…like it? (ok now everyone is going to hate me..:)
    nice post. xo sandra

    1. Sharon, I agree with every one of your points. I love her previous style and don't like any of the changes she made. Thank you for speaking your mind.

  10. I think I like her new style.
    Although I was also loving her old design style
    the more rustic and somewhat resembles a Jane Moore space (this is just my humble opinion) which is also I'm a big fan of,
    I think Pam's new style has freshness and beauty.

  11. Here is a post Nice Balance of Eclectic that shows how to mix contemporary with traditional furnishings.

    The designer L. Barry Davidson has it right.

  12. Love your blog....everything beautiful...thanks!!!Dina

  13. Sharon...wouldn't be fun to get her hand me downs! I do like both looks...If I had to choose I would pick the old style.

  14. This post Nice Balance on Eclectic shows how to mix traditional with contemporary.

    The designer L. Barry Davidson got it right.

  15. Sharon,
    I'm with you on this 1,000%! Loved her previous style, this direction - not so much...

  16. The new look almost looks photo shopped, almost like the pieces were dropped in there for the photos.....old much better

  17. Amen! I basically posted comments saying the same thing on Veranda's website last week. She went far too contemporary on most of those new pieces, to the point that they cheapened the look of her design. They seem too cold and uncomfortable as well. I have drooled over her design work for years, but this change left me scratching my head asking...What happened?

  18. Adorei essas decorações. Acho bonito. Mas você que mora na Africa tem coisas belissima para decorar uma casa. Minha filha estudou em capetown e me trouxe muitas coisas lindas para decorar minha casa.
    Tenho certeza que vais fazer ótima viagens pela Africa em busca de tesouros.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  19. ...designers are painters...or musicians...or writers...they do not paint one picture...compose one piece...or write one story...they are constantly creating and changing... and they generally have the financial means to try new things...i am neither a painter...a musicians...a writer...or a tend to stay with my individual style...and sparingly update it...also...i think we tend to like designs that mimic ours...we feel a sense of validation by comparison...the first pam pierce speaks to me...the second one does not...blessings laney

  20. I think she is trying to hard to be something she is not! Either do it all, or retain your personal style....this new Pam is not working for me either! N.

  21. I don't think there is anything hip or new about her new furniture. These pieces were already unsightly in the 60's and 70's when they first came out. Obviously, she is getting out of her comfort zone, trying to be someone she's not, probably giving in to external pressure. She had a niche and a wide fan base and she should stick with it. You cannot be all things to all people all the time.

    The same thing happened to the Veranda magazine when Caponigro replaced the wonderful Lisa Newson as Editor-In-Chief. Veranda lost its charm and now it is only a bad copy of Architectural Digest. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription.

    Sharon, I usually enjoy "before and after" pictures and this post was excellent! You can really see
    what changed. I'm glad somebody thought of presenting Pam Pierce's new style from this perspective and it seems that you touched a nerve.

    P.S. I love your blog

  22. I am with you 110% . Loved the old look, I'd be glad to take the things she does not want anymore!! Love you blog.

  23. Oh! I love your blog! Brooke sent me!

    These rooms don't feel like anyone lives in them! They are everything I don't like! Not personal, not comfortable. They look staged and remind me of a "Decorator's Showcase" house!
    I love the "bones" of the house; the floors, beams, fireplaces doors. The architecture is classic.
    The previous interiors were warmer; I preferred the wood doors in the kitchen; but I like the interior shutters better than the curtains. Her look is just too "stagey" for me.

  24. I love what she has done.Its still warm to me in a more modern fresh way.I LOVE IT!! I recently built a very white house.BEWARE of white painted floors unless you want to spend your life sorting them out.It looks fabulous but it so much work it simply isnt worth it.

  25. It's been a while, but so glad I stopped by. I adore Pamela Pierce's style, but have to agree with most here that I liked her older style better than the new...It didn't seem dated to me...just right. The new rooms just don't have the charm and warmth that the older roms had. That being said...I will still follow everything she does, because she is one talented and gracious lady.