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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interior Harmony - Kelly Harmon

I have only recently come across the work of this wonderful American designer and I am so smitten with her style. 

Her interiors have such an easy elegance about them.

She uses beautiful antiques but in a casual way that makes the spaces friendly and inviting, not stiff and formal.

Her colour palette is mostly neutrals with small splashes of colour here and there.

Her interiors are geared towards family living and entertaining friends.

She clearly has a love for French furniture and cleverly mixes these pieces with other styles.

Soft blues are often used in amongst the neutrals.

The old architectural elements add such a wonderful accent.

Her kitchens effortlessly combine beauty with practicality.

Her bedroom designs are romantic and understated.

The exteriors are as beautiful as in the interiors.

And the designer herself is as gorgeous as her designs.

I hope all my American readers are having a wonderful 4th of July.

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  1. Hi Sharon, I really love her style, too. Thanks for compiling so much of her work here - and some photos I hadn't seen before.

    All best,

  2. Olá, que linda seleção de fotos. Parabéns. Gosto muito dessas casas antigas.
    tenha uma ótima semana

  3. wauuw what a beautyful blog.
    Kh Lone - Denmark

  4. Thanks for this one, I was not familiar with her work, but love her style. There is definitely a strong reference to France, but not in a "campy" or fake way. I love the use of indoor shutters which is what I want to do in our bedroom. I will keep this for reminder, thanks! B

  5. Greetings Sharon -
    Thanks for featuring Kelly Harmon's work. I recently discovered her through Pinterest. Easy elegance, indeed. I love how she incorporates "one-of-a-kind" antiques and accessories in her interiors.

  6. I've loved her work as well and these pictures just confirmed it even more! These were beautiful and very inspiring! So glad I got a moment to sit down and take a peak at some of my favorite blogs! Happy 4th of July!

  7. Hello Sharon

    This has to be my favourite designer of all time. Every room is designed with such care and passion. Her eye for colour and harmony is superb.

    Thank you for sharing

    Helen xx

  8. She's' living my life lol !!!
    Beautiful interiors Sharon! Love it all!
    Pamela xo

  9. She is hands down one of my favorites of all time...her designs go without speaking...

  10. Kelly Harmon has a lovely, easy style. I appreciate how she incorporated bits of architectural elements into her rooms in an uncontrived way. I am old enough to remember her as the "tic-tac" girl. She comes from a very famous family. Thanks for this lovely post about her interior design work.

  11. Sharon,
    I've seen her home at Cote de Texas some time ago. She's definitely talented, runs in the family. You know her brother is Tom Harmon, NCIS star. Very nice looking family.
    I like the new things she's done to her home.

  12. You are so right. She has a great style. I love the way she adds blue too. How gorgeous are those horses? Fiona

  13. Sharon, I just recently came upon Kelly Harmon's work as well. I'm in love with her style. As you have pointed out she marries together beauty, romance and practicality perfectly. And oh yes...she is indeed very beautiful. Happy weekend, my friend. Mona

  14. Thanks for the introduction Sharon! I love the easy elegance and the hint of romance in her work. I'll be looking up more of her style. Great post!

  15. I remember you saying that you had a post pending on her and have been looking out for it!Ahhh and what a treat!! I love her and enjyed the post I did immensely. I am also new to her work and it is just gorgeous!. hope you keeping warm and dry xx



  16. I've looked for some inspiration this morning for my next blogpost, and these are the most beautiful things I've seen so far.
    Thank you!

  17. Cozy, classy and elegant.
    love it ♥