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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday Musings - Candlelight

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  ~Chinese Proverb

I love candlelight. I love the soft glow it creates. I love the flickering flames and the alluring shadows. I especially love dining by candlelight. It creates a wonderful atmosphere, it makes the food look more delicious and it makes people look prettier. I think wine even tastes better by candlelight.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Till next time

Sharon x

Images: 1) Tumblr 2) Eclectic Revisited 3) This Next 4) Pinterest 5) Nordic House 6) The Essence of the Good Life 7) Style Me Pretty 8) Shop Candelabra 9) Reason to Breathe 10)Ralph Lauren Home 11) Pinterest 12) Kiss the Groom 13)Pinterest 14) Pinterest 15) An Angel at my Table 16) Tumblr 17) Tumblr 18) Tumblr 19) Tumblr 20) Acquired Objects 21) Casa Decorada 22) Casa Decorada 23) Flaneel et Prune 24) The Little Corner


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I agree on all points. When it comes to candles I believe more is more!

    Wishing you a good week ahead,

  2. Ooooh what a beautiful post! I am going to bath now by candle light inspired by you, Sharon! Looks so warm and glowy. I adore candle light and the romantic atmosphere it creates.

    Have a gorgeous week!


  3. This is a post that hits home Sharon as I have always loved candlelight. Whether you live in a tiny studio or a castle, it makes your life better at so little cost. I always have candles throughout our home and when the storms strike in spring, we are often the only ones prepared in our neighborhood!

  4. I love it too, Sharon. Lovely post, darling...

  5. Beautiful images as always! Candles add so much atmosphere to a home. x Kerry

  6. Hello Sharon

    A beautiful post. Like you, I adore candlelight. Coupled with fresh flowers it makes for relaxing ambiance

  7. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing

  8. I have lots of candles around the house
    especially in the bedroom and bathrooms,
    I just love their scent.
    Thanks for the lovely images.

  9. I love candles too!! I can change the mood of any room! Great pics!! Leslie

  10. I started out thinking that I would have a favourite, but they were all gorgeous. However, if I had to pick, I would say the lanterns on the stairs or the candles on the about making a grand entrance! Happy Monday! Brenda.

  11. Everything IS better with candle light...even wine - agreed! I could pick a few photos from all of these lovelies for every time of year and they would fit perfectly! Gorgeous.

  12. Hi, Sharon -
    With all the thunderstorms and power outages lately (in DC), we've been enjoying lots of candles. Nothing like a candle light! I especially love little votives.

  13. Simply stunning! There is truly nothing more romantic.
    Keep warm

  14. J'adore aussi les bougies, la magie de leur lumière ... Toutes ces photos sont superbes ! Excellente semaine ...

  15. I may be pinning a few of these Sharon! Great pics and I share your love for candle light (the older the get the more I like it .. Hmmm) Candles create the perfect ambiance. Tea lights, large or small candles, in groups, or by themselves.. love them!

  16. Is there anything more romantic than the tray with the mercury glass ones!!

  17. I love how candles can change a mood around a room..isn't it amazing...a little flicker of light that calms and make one feel cozy. lovely images, thank you.
    love to you, Colette x

  18. I love your blog, is full of inspiration !

  19. I need to remember to light more candles. I always forget and they look so pretty and romantic.