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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday Musings - The Ubiquitous Union Jack

I have always loved the Union Jack and since it is Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee year this year, and London is hosting the Olympics, and more than 17 years ago, I managed to find myself a lovely British husband, I thought it opportune to do a post on decorating with this iconic flag.

Via This Ivy House
Perfect for cushions...

Via Eclectic Revisited
...paired with...

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

Source Unknown
...or leather...


Via Casa Decorado

Via Heartbeat Oz

Via Nicety Live Journal
....or even upholstering an entire chair.

Via Gap Interiors

It looks great...

Via Gap Interiors
 ...on the wall...

Via Interior Style and Design

and just as great...

Via Henhurst Interiors

... on the floor.

Via Abbey Guesthouse

Via House and Leisure

It can also be used to adorn a table...

Via Tumblr

...or cosy up a bed.

Via Tumblr

So here's to the Union Jack and wishing all my British readers a wonderful year.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Lovely as always Sharon! I find myself itching for some color in my decor,probably temporary... and if I give in, this will be it...adding the Royal flag....sending you love from France, was thinking of you today, travelled alot of little roads and visited no less than six brocantes...will be posting about them in the week....Colette xx

  2. Hi Sharon! I am loving this post!! (Being a comfirmed Anglophile and still high on my own recent trip to jolly, old England.) I have two Union Jack pillows brought home on other trips - I really think I need a rug now. :-)
    All best,

  3. I love it too, Sharon! I saw an IPhone case with the Union Jack that I'm going to get. And I'd love some pillows, too. So cool and graphic!

  4. This is great….love the color combos! A lot like ours! Great pictures…thanks for sharing!

  5. Greetings from the colonies (Canada;) Part of me wishes that we still flew the Union Jack! Love the vibrancy of the flag and especially the creative ways the crazy Brits use it;)

  6. Gorgeous and I smiled when I read this post as I have just sold an antique French flag to a client who lives in America - she is planning on putting it on the wall.

    Amities from SW France,


  7. Sharon,
    I do love the UJ...I just bought a fun, inexpensive burlap pillow and I find myself smiling each time I see it! I'm a California girl with a crush on Jack!

  8. I love seeing the pieces best on the floor and not because we left their Union many moons Such beautiful images and what a wonderful way to celebrate their Jubilee.

    Enjoy your week Sharon!

  9. Three cheers for Old Glory. I have faded memories of learning how all the different strips and colours were added to create this proud flag. Pip pip hurrah for posting these patriotic photographs. Virginia

  10. Looks lovely and adoring the chairs in the second image Sharon...just gorgeous!


  11. Love that library with the union jack rug! You really found some wonderful images I have not yet seen! Clever post!

  12. Love the look. You found so many great images to share.