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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Armoire Amour

I know that "armoire" is French for cupboard, but for me, the word conjures up images of beautiful carved woodwork, flowing romantic lines, often painted in chalky colours, sometimes slightly distressed and mostly filled with beautiful French linens, gorgeous clothes, wonderfully scented bath products and fluffy towels or lovely vintage crockery. Yes, an "armoire" is definitely so much more than just a cupboard.

This one placed in a dining room is my favourite. I love the colour and patina. (via here)

Such beautiful detail on this one (via here)

Cleverly used as a drinks cupboard (via here)

Full of gorgeous clothes (via here)

Used here to store table linen (via here)

This one painted white - simple and lovely. I also love the stone walls. (via here)

Such a pretty detail at the top of this one (via here)

This one has a useful drawer at the bottom. Don't you love the chair? (via here)

This one is painted in a beautiful shade of blue (via here)

 Very ornate with beautiful decorative details (via here)

Used for storage in a bedroom - so romantic (via here)

I love all the furniture in this bedroom (via here)

Another beautifully ornate one (via here)

A simpler version - the wood looks like it could be walnut (via here)

A close up of some beautiful detail (via here)

So do you have an "armoire" that you "l'amore" ?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Simply amazing pictures!
    I love the colour of the table in your first picture, where I can buy all these wonderful furniture? I have to come and visit you ...
    I love your posts.
    Bisou, Babi

  2. love that cabinet full of clothes!! sensual!

  3. Those are all gorgeous. I love armoires.

  4. My dear Sharon
    it's a pleasure know you!
    Bisou, Babi

  5. Sharon, I also love armoires and currently have five in our home! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  6. I love wonderful French Armouires and these are some real beauties!! Have a great day. Mona

  7. Oh I'm in heaven!!!!! Yes please to all of them in every room of the house!

  8. Gorgeous!! I love armoires! I want one in every room too!!!
    Oh such beautiful images Sharon! Loved it!
    Pamela xo

  9. Hi Sharon,

    Yes, I have two armoires that I love! One of them I want to paint and give the shabby chic treatment, too, the other one already is pretty neat the way it is, but needs a repaint and I want to re-do the interior to make it a linen closet, and am thinking about putting mirrors on the front.

    Love these pictures, they are gorgeous!



  10. Love French armoires and I looking for one right now. All seem to be way out of my budget at this time...will continue to look. I know a treasure is waiting to be found.

  11. Hello from downunder. Sorry I've taken a while to get here. My google account won't let me comment at the moment.

    I love all these armoires - cupboard sounds so much better in French doesn't it? I wonder if there is some way I can convert my boring built-in linen cupboard to look like one of these beautiful armoires? Maybe?


  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following - glad you like it!
    These French armoires are amazing!

    Armoires are so useful - even great used in the kitchen as a larder .

    Have a good Wednesday!

    Sacha xx

  13. so pretty! it would be really hard to choose just one!! i think i would manage to stuck them all somewhere! HI! HI!
    happy june!

  14. I love all of those. There is something about the regal style they have. The pretty legs, and the arches full of detail. Gorgeous.

  15. Hi Sharon!
    I have been lost in "Blogger on the Blink" and away from 34th street for a few days...I love this post featuring all of the lovely Armoires...We own a fairly modern version. I am planning on painting it and covering the doors with white linen some day. It will most likely be a few months before I start the process!

  16. Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks. Jane (NZ)

  17. This is beautiful...I do have an armoire that is housing our TV and DVD's in our little mountain ski condo. Love your blog. You can see your effort and it's so worthwhile! Following you.