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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Water Feature - Exterior Decorating

When we renovated our house about 18 months ago, we had a water feature built in the area leading off our dining room. It took forever to get the water feature properly waterproofed and working, but when it was all up and running, so to speak, it was time to decorate the area.



I had begun collecting bits and pieces to place in the area long before the water feature was actually working.

I found this plant stand at a junk shop

I thought this old burglar bar would come in handy as a trellis

I still need to add some more pots to the stand. I planted ivy in pots on either side of the plant stand which will eventually climb up the burglar bar trellising

I accumulated these various wire hearts and hanging candle holders

This lantern needed....
...some painting

I hung the wire goodies from the tree and stood the lantern on a table in the corner

The pots shown here were filled with plants and placed....

...on either side of the water feature here

This fake wood look cement paver was painted and used as a table top on a wrought iron base

This rusted chair was jazzed up a little bit (not too much)

They were both used to create this little vignette.  The tea cup has a tea light in it. It creates such a pretty glow.

This was another junk shop find

I added some glass tea light holders

I love the little fleur de lis at the top. Some ivy has been planted at the base of this.

So take a look to the right....
And a look to the left...

Now I have to wait for the plants to grow to give it that lush look that I'm after. I've learnt that exterior decorating requires a lot more patience (which I don't have) than interior decorating. But when we are sitting at our dining room table in the evenings with the French doors open, the combination of the trickling water out of the copper pipes, the shimmer of light from inside the water and the flickering candle light is so calming that I feel I ought  to be patient for the fledging plants.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Amazing!
    Why don't you think to be an interior decorator?
    I think you are so wonderful and you have really a great taste!

  2. speechless! apart you have a lovely house, you are so talented!!! wowwwwwwwwww

  3. Love, love, love how you staged your outside area. It all looks so wonderful and I love your fountain too! ~Delores

  4. It looks gorgeous!! What a wonderful place to hang out with a glass of lemonaide this summer!

  5. Sharon I LOVE your water feature!! The whole area looks beautiful and so well accessorized as always:) Martina

  6. Just lovely Sharon, I admire your creative spirit and finding the look your'e after..please keep us up to date as the plants grow. have a lovely week Hugs Colette

  7. that is just perfect!
    that is so pretty!
    perfect! it reminds me of the summer days to come!
    take care,

  8. Love that burgler bar. Will look so lush as the plants grow. Well done Sharon. Fiona

  9. Sharon, your outdoor water feature is just gorgeous. You have done such a great job. I love it!!! I can just see how beautiful those plants are going to be when they grow, and I'm loving the tealight in a teacup, may have to steal that idea. Have a lovely day. Leahxx

  10. Love your water feature and what you did with the space. Just beautiful! Can't wait to see the ivy grow on the iron.

  11. Wow! You've made such a welcoming and beautiful, but cozy and charming outdoor area! Not something easily achieved. As your plants grow, they will continue to add to the charm. Great ideas!

  12. I am so glad blogger is fixed as i have not been able to comment!
    Sharon this is just beautiful!! I love how the fountain is made out of brick! You have the most gorgeous home. What a lovely area to enjoy summer in!!
    Pamela xo

  13. Oh my goodness, what an INCREDIBLE space! Love the water feature, and all your beautiful things around it. Amazing.
    Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!