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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birds, Spring and other things

I have a bird in spring
which for myself doth sing.....
Emily Dickinson
Spring is being somewhat slow in coming to our part of the world. Every now and then we get a little taste of it...then winter returns with a vengeance.

One of the signs that spring is on its way is the increase in birds coming to our garden. I especially love the little birds like wagtails and white eye's. They always seem so sweet and cheerful, just watching them frolic lifts my spirits.

Maybe a blog post on birds will send a message to the universe that spring is just a little overdue here in Cape Town....please send in the spring and the birds!

In the meanwhile, I will content myself with pretty pictures of birds some real and some ornamental.

I hope you enjoy them too.....and please read my request at the end of this post...I really need your help with something....


Why I need your help....
....I have a birthday coming up.... quite a significant one....Ok... I'll just come out and say it.... my 50th!!....and.... my sweet husband is taking me to......PARIS.... yes, you heard right.... PARIS!! For a long weekend....sans children....and this is where you, my lovely readers, come in.  Please send me your ideas of what you would do over a long weekend in PARIS.  I know that I can count on you for the best ideas

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Till next time
Sharon x


  1. I love birds in decorating and in life - I am always charmed by them!

  2. Hello Sharon. I've hopped over from Leslie and I'm glad I did because I love these pretty birds. I've just come back form England (where I live for part of the year) to Vancouver and am missing all the lovely song birds we have there. :) Did you take these photos yourself? Beautiful images. Off to explore more of your bog now.

  3. Your posts are always so creative!! Am rather partial to birds and the motif.

    May I suggest "The Most Beautiful Walk in the World", by John Baxter 'a Pedestrian in Paris'. It would make good reading before you go and will familiarize you with sights, markets, cafes and restaurants. You wouldn't want to miss The Louve, Luxemborg Gardens, Notre Dame and I know I wouldn't want to miss visiting Shakespeare and Company, a landmark bookstore. Oh, here is the website for you:

    Enjoy yourself!

  4. Sharon, Happy Birthday in advance. Wow, going to Paris to celebrate is the absolute best, isn't it?
    Have a splendid time!!

  5. Sharon beautiful post! I am so excited for you and your birthday treat! The best time I had in Paris was just last year and we spent every day just walking and walking, stopping only to eat...ok and tucking into some incredible shops. I love Toulerie Gardens...I need to get back to you though after I chat with my husband; he can help with specific names of cafes etc. ps. thank you so much for your lovely sentiments when I took my little break, very touching and appreciated:) xob

  6. Sharon,
    Happy Birthday, as someone older than 50, you're still a baby! What a romantic birthday you'll enjoy. It's been too long for me to offer recommendations of the city of lights, but I remember Paris as breathtaking just walking around.
    Birds have become a new favorite of mine, real and pretend. I just purchased some antique book plates on birds of Europe, from a 1847 book. Some of the images you've shared are so sweet.

  7. Helloooooo! Happy Birthday, BEAUTIFUL Sharon! You are going to love your 50's!

    Since I am an American girl that has been to Paris only twice...I am just going to ramble a bit, trying not to state the obvious attractions, (although my thoughts are likely to be quite obvious!)

    I loved the Musee d' Orsay. I wish to visit E.Dehillerin,(the famous kitchen shop), one day. There is always the possibility of visiting a fragrance house, one that is friendly, and will give you extra goodies in your parcel, perhaps Caron. I would seek a brocante, for pieces of French vintage to tuck in your luggage. If it is clear, you must take and evening boat ride on the Seine, with your love, it's magic! Oh, evening ballet. I could go on and on.
    If you take photographs, I hope that you will share!
    Bon Voyage!

  8. Oh you lucky birthday girl!!! Since I know you like interiors...go to Flamant Interiors, Maison de Famille, Blanc d'Ivoire, Cedar Rouge, the flea market at Porte du Vanve...oh boy, I could go on. Happy birthday.

  9. What a lovely post, really cheered me this morning to see all the beautiful pictures. Ah! Paris, how wonderful all I would say is eat as much as you want, don't worry about it, just enjoy it. I loved the Tuileries, and the art nouveau cafes. Take comfy shoes.

  10. there's a lovely new novel out you might like to read by Edward Rutherfurd " PARIS " - an epic novel of the city of lights . Enjoy your trip you lucky fish !

  11. Happy Birthday Sharon. Hire a driver (I can supply you with a name of one of the very best and not expensive)and enjoy a candlelight dinner, a once in a lifetime most romantic experience at the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, less than an hours drive southeast of Paris. You can stay overnight and enjoy the beauty of the Chateau, the Chateau the Sun King envied and used as a pattern to build Versailles.

  12. Hi Sharon, I'm a Paris addict. I went there several times and I've never get bored of it.Last time I went there was August 2013 for my 20th anniversary and I think I'll go there once more for my 50th birthday too (next march). I can suggest you to have a walk around the "Marais" and to stop to the famous " Place des Vosges"; please don't miss Saint Ouen flea market: it's huge (be careful at the pickpockets); It is very interesting to visit Montmartre at different moments of the day; you can't miss the famous "Galeries Lafayettes" in liberty style;" La durée" (Champs Elysées), "Angelina" (Rue de Rivoli) can offer you a moment of relax with hot chocolate, pastries, macarons (it's a little bit expensive but worth it). Enjoy your stay, Sharon and Happy birtday. Emilia from Rome

  13. I have the same birds of your first picture in my garden, I give them food every day.
    Also to 3 turledoves. When I don't have bread, I buy for them ...
    Yes I'm crazy, I know, but I love animals.
    Have a great beginning of spring.
    Bisous, Babi

  14. I gather there is a "bird market" on the Ile de la Cite on a sunday morning.
    You should take youer "sweet husband" there!!

  15. lucky girl you! I have never been there before... but I would love to go to the flea markets....

  16. Hi, I really enjoy your beautiful blog. I have not been to Paris but I hope to in the near future. I do read a blog that may interest you. ----is a blog written by an American woman who married a French man and has lived there for a long time now. Her blog is full of good advice regarding almost everything a visitor might want to know while visiting there. Happy 50th Birthday and may you have an awesome time there!

  17. Happy Birthday! Paris is the most magical place on Earth, and what a wonderful birthday present! The Musee d'Orsay is a must, and a picnic in the Luxemborg Gardens. Actually,you will find around every corner in Paris something special. I was there years ago in Oct. for my 40th birthday, and Fall was in the air and a stroll through the Tuileries Gardens was......okay magical! Enjoy your visit! Deborah

  18. Wow you will love Paris-for me the best was going up the Eiffel Tower and wandering along beautiful streets although I have only been once but wats not to love about Paris-it's hard to explain the charm and beauty-enjoy and can't wait to see pics xx

  19. Happy Birthday Sharon...I fear the next big one for me is going to be way bigger than yours! I can't imagine a more wonderful gift than a trip to Paris! Have an absolutely wonderful time!!!

  20. You lucky girl! Happy birthday and do enjoy yourself in Paris! I've never been so haven't a clue,
    but am sure you'll think of something. Let us know all about it!

  21. Sharon how lucky we are my husband took me to Paris for my 50th too! We have wonderful husbands! My tips - eat only at restaurants that the locals visit. It's wonderful to sit in a restaurant & only hear French & the food is generally better quality. The 'plat de jour' we found to be the best/freshest & most popular meal in all the restaurants we went to & also the most economical! As you are there only for a weekend get to know the Metro - it is very easy, the trains come every two-three minutes & safe as long as you don't flash your wallet around. Paris is such a large city either the trains or the buses become your best friend to quickly get to the best sights. Laduree or Angelina's for morning or afternoon tea is heaven. Musee D'Orsay fantastic especially the Impressionist floor go to that section first & avoid the crowds. The Louvre is wonderful too but so busy... & buy a 2 day Paris museum pass at a kiosk rather than queue at the museums saves you heaps of time. Have a wonderful trip... so envious I want to go back! x Kerry