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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Art of Concealment

Thank-you all so much for your fabulous suggestions on where to go and what to do on my much anticipated trip to Paris. It is so much nicer to hear from friends like you than to rely purely on  guide books and travel sites. I will be sure to let you know about the highlights.

Onto today's post....if you are somewhat obsessive like me, and like your surroundings to be pleasing to the eye at all times, those necessary but unsightly appliances can be quite problematic! Our flatscreen resides in an antique cupboard, but I should just point out that I am the only one in our family that ever closes the cupboard. No-one else can see the point when it means that they just have to open it again the next time they want to watch TV, but I will continue my lonely crusade.

I love these examples of fold out doors hiding the much nicer than an ugly flatscreen spoiling a beautiful fireplace mantle.

In the example below, a screen does the job just as well.

Another appliance that really looks better disguised is the fridge/freezer. I haven't quite managed this in my home, I just try not to look at it :) This one, below, has been cleverly disguised as part of the kitchen built-ins.

Even more clever are the following two that have been disguised as pretty armoires.

Groceries generally aren't pretty and should never be in view, in my humble opinion, unless artfully decanted into attractive containers of some sort. This clever pantry below has a pocket door that, when open, makes everything easily accessible and can just as easily slide closed to conceal it.

I love this pretty door that conceals the unattractive stuff below but allows the prettier things on the top shelves to be shown.

This is pure genius. When closed you would never know what lies behind and a clever use of space as well.

Washing machines and tumble driers are also best kept hidden unless you are lucky enough to have a separate laundry area out of the public eye. A simple skirt can work wonders... do these barn doors.

This computer work station is easily hidden when not in use....

......and this gas barbeque can be hidden out of sight and protected from the elements at the same time.

When space is an issue, a guest room for visiting friends is not always an option. This bed is cleverly raised, not taking up any valuable floor space.

A bed in an alcove with a curtain for privacy is also a clever idea...

...and I love this little bedroom hidden behind folding shutter doors. 

And while on the subject of bedrooms, notice these clever little pull out trays that serve as bedside tables.

And then we get to our beloved pets and where to house their food bowls and beds.
Take a look at some of these clever ideas!

While we are on the subject of dogs, this is what I was confronted with one morning when I walked into my living room. My beloved dogs decided to eat one of my cushions. (Apologies for the bad photo-taken with my phone) They also chewed a corner of my coffee table, but that's ok - it needs replacing anyway.
And finally, you can conceal an entire room behind what looks like a beautiful wardrobe door. I would love to have a secret room. Between you and me...I would probably spend quite a bit of time there, hiding from my children!

Till next time
Sharon x

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  1. For your trip to Paris can I suggest a vist to 'Le Grand Cobert'......I had my 50th birthday is magic!!!

  2. We were in Paris last year and are planking our next trip. It's all so wonderful .. you can't go wrong ;)

    These are all beautiful wonderful ideas for disguising things. I too am forever closing doors and can't wait for my refrig to break down so I can replace it!

  3. You are completely brilliant! I cringe when I see lovely rooms with hideous (yes, they are HIDEOUS) flatscreens above fireplaces and in beautiful houses! It is like the complete collapse of proper dressing in our country!
    Thank you for this great post! I am sending it out to everyone!


  4. This post is amazing!! I love the pull out drawer with the doggie bowls....that is sooo clever!! I love it, we used a custom built hydrolic panel to conceal our TV in the family room and it is a great idea for when the TV is not in use. Really excellent post! And you are off to Pairs? Lucky lady..bon voyage.

  5. These are possibly the most clever and fabulous ideas for concealing the no-so-pretty I have ever seen. Thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful trip. Je vous envie.

  6. Dear Sharon, All great ideas and all of them are doable. I have concealed everything in my kitchen, even the microwave is enclosed by a kitchen cabinet. The refrigerator and dishwasher are faced with wooden paneling and the washer and dryer are behind gathered material. That leaves the doggie bowls...for now they are pushed under an antique church bench.
    Have a wonderful trip to Paris and we look forward to hearing all about it. Bon voyage and Happy Birthday.ox, Gina

  7. Can I hide in the secret room, too?? Love this post! Men just don't understand the need to hide the TV, do they? At least yours is in a cupboard. That's a step ahead of my big black box on the wall :) Have so much fun in Paris. I haven't been in years, so I'm afraid I'm not much help. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

  8. Such clever always come up with such great post...

  9. Fabulous post Sharon! I am still trying to come up with a solution to hide my TV at our lake house. You posted some of my favorite examples! Love the built in dog beds...though I doubt my monster would use them!

  10. Sharon! You are so funny! Firstly, I love the practical aspect of your post, then you switch gears and make us laugh with the hounds re-decorating:) Always great.xob

  11. I'm with you
    I'm the only one in our family who
    finds the need to close the TV cabinet
    but then again I'm the only girl
    my hubby and son would be happy for me to get rid of the thing.
    But they always are so happy when they have visitors
    appreciating how good our TV cabinet looks.

  12. Hi, Sharon. Great post. I've seen these storage ideas but never so many versions collected in one space...I really enjoyed taking my time looking at each one over coffee this morning. Thank you! Warmly ~L

  13. Sharon,
    First, sorry to hear your doggies were naughty. Were they trying to tell you something? :D Second, I can't select which image I like best in your post. There are so many. The pull out pantry with the antique face was so clever, but the antique refrigerator facing are stunning...all of them. I particularly loved the built in dog beds and pull out feeding drawer. I will be pinning this morning.
    Happy Spring to you, we are embarking on autumn.