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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Borrowing from the Past - Barn Doors

It's been a while since I last blogged. For some reason I struggled to find anything to inspire a post. I even contemplated giving up entirely on my blog. Do other bloggers go through that?  I just had to remind myself how much pleasure it's given me over the 5 plus years I've been at it and I feel I must just soldier on through the inspirational drought and hopefully the rains will come again. 

Speaking of rain, we really need some here in Cape Town, but I must say, I've really been enjoying these beautiful balmy autumn days that we've been having. 

 So, onto today's post on barn doors. I really like the rustic, industrial feel they lend to an interior and they seem to work well in both traditional and more contemporary settings. .Here are some pictures I thought you might enjoy.

Traditional Home Office with Built-in bookshelf, Barn door, Hanging rustic door, Chandelier, Hardwood floors, Crown molding:

Barn Doors are big in decorating right now. I love them! They hang on the outside of a door and slide on a track.:

They are a practical solution for large openings between rooms that could be problematic for traditional doors. 

Joanna Stevens Gaines @joannagaines It was a downpour...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram):

They are also very useful for covering areas that one doesn't always want on display. 

Here they are cleverly used to hide an outside barbeque area ...

.... a laundry area, above and a few pantries, below.

Spacious and organized pantry area with an appealing sliding door that adds character to the entire space.:

They can also be used between a bedroom and en-suite bathroom....

....and ingeniously, to hide the TV when not in use.

 Open the barn doors for an entertainment center and close them for a book shelf - genius! #cottage #rustic:

Thanks for your patience and hopefully my blogging mojo will return and you will hear from me again shortly!.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Oh no! Don't leave Sharon! I love your blog, it always feels fresh and inspirational to me.

  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling in a bit of a funk; your blog is honestly my favorite. You post such beautiful images, I find myself going back through to the beginning often. I truly appreciate the effort and hard work you put into this lovely blog!

  3. Please keep on blogging. I am new to your blog and love it. So difficult to find South African blogs I live in Durban. Also hoping for rain.

  4. I love your blog!! Weather you post little or a lot I always love when it pops up! I do understand about finding the inspiration each time but if you don't feel you need to post regularly then everyone sure loves when they get your email! I wish I could give you some of Houston's rain! Too much here for sure! xo Leslie Sinclair

  5. Sharon,
    I'm unofficially retired from least for awhile. I've just felt like the ideas I have have been done and they bore me. :-)
    Still, I didn't announce it in case, like you mentioned, my inspiration and interest returns.
    Love the antique barn doors. Our son and his wife (who live in Texas) put one in their new house and I love the way it operates.
    Your posts always seem inspiring and original, even when its content I've seen elsewhere. I hope you continue to share.