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Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Weekend Well-Spent

Weekends are often spent carting children from pillar to post in between home maintenance, grocery shopping and other boring things, but every now and then a weekend just turns into a real gem. This is one of those....

....starting on Friday morning with a visit to Decorex with friends. Thanks to Miranda from NetDécor for the tickets! 
Here are a few things that caught my eye... 
...this beautiful lush arrangement (above) of  tulips, fruit, silver and glassware at the Plascon stand and (below) the installation at the MRP Home.

didn't like the Conde Nast House and Garden stand. Apart from the sofa, it reminded of my student days in a communal house when the lounge was filled with mismatched hand me downs. Was I missing something?  

I loved this old fashioned loom at the Mungo stand - still in working order...

and I always love the Mungo towels, throws and blankets... well as the products from Barrydale Weavers, below. 

This arrangement with blue and white china was stunning....

...and I loved the Patio Warehouse display! So pretty!

These lights from Luna Living were beautiful and different from anything else I've seen recently.

Trade Secret never disappoints. Can you see the reflection of Emma and Niki in the mirror? They are admiring the exquisite tents that are sold at Trade Secret

You can get a better idea in the picture below.

We stayed for some lunch and a delicious glass of champagne and then had to go back to collect children from school who were grumpy because we were a bit late, But who cares when you have some champagne in your system!

On Friday evening we went to the Alan Committie show at Theatre on the Bay. Which I can highly recommend for a good laugh!

It's only on until the middle of May
So hurry up and get your tickets without delay
You don't want to miss this hysterical play

I know.....move over Wordsworth!

On Saturday we headed out to Franschoek to have lunch with some friends. We went to Cafe Bon Bon at La Petite Dauphine which was a real pleasure.  (Thank you Jax!)

 These were our starters.... I meant to take pics of the mains and dessert but after a glass or more of wine, I forgot. Everything was beautifully presented and delicious.

We sat at a table outside and looked onto this pretty lake with fountain. 

The rest of the grounds are just as picturesque.....

This morning I met a friend for coffee at Cassis and then collected "The Family Stone" from DVD Noveau for Movie Night at home. 

 Now I think it's time for a little R&R before making snacks for Movie Night and the best of all - Monday is a Public Holiday which means, a lie in, no school lunches and no traffic! Yay!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. What a treat and a fun outing! Wish I could join!! xo, Leslie Sinclair

  2. I typically love home shows, there's always at least a couple of good ideas. I agree, that one vignette looked sad to me.
    The place you met friends for lunch reminds me of our California Napa Valley area. What a picturesque setting.
    Happy May!

  3. I impressed by the warm floral atmosphere of Patio warehouse. It evokes wonderful feeling of natural life.