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Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Blue and White

 Whenever  I see pictures of blue and white china, I am reminded of two blog friends who both share this passion - Tina of The Enchanted Home and Jennifer of Belclaire House. So this post is for you two lovely ladies!

Blue and white china is so versatile. It goes beautifully with earthy tones and rustic finishes...

... combines perfectly with antique furniture... wonderful for alfresco dining...

...can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms...

...can be practical or decorative, depending on your needs...

....can be formal or casual.... so elegant in a dining room...

...and is perfect for mixing and matching.

I thought it would be fun to include these more casual versions which are so pretty!

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. know I'm a blue and white every image and I don't know where to start pinning...

  2. Those are lovely.
    I am also a big fan of blue and white china
    and I have a small collection that I sometimes
    display and/or use.

    I really loved the elegant dining room image
    and with that chandelier,
    I'm available for a dinner in there anytime.

  3. Sharon..thank you! What a wonderful way to start off a Sunday morning. You made me forget all about the dreaded diet I have started and how i really want to be eating pasta not a bowl of yogurt:) SO many beautiful pinnable and white really does make my heart beat faster...its a lifetime love. Thanks for dedicating this to me and was beautifully done. Happy Sunday to you!!

  4. All images are so lovely. I love blue and white and often use my mix and match blue and white china for entertaining.
    Wishing you a lovely day, Angela

  5. I have just begun to collect after buying my Merrie England dishes (on Craigslist!) Grace loves telling stories based on the pattern.
    I can easily see how one can be consumed by the passion!



  6. THANK YOU!!! I love it! Makes me sooo happy :) xo

  7. Sharon, I've collected antique blue & white for years. It's come from everywhere and I usually carry it home myself. To me it's precious, but mostly it's something I love love love. Seems like everyone does, doesn't it? xx's

  8. Gorgeous!! I have a small collection of blue and whites .. one never can have enough! I'll be pinning some of these. So pretty Sharon! Happy weekend:) xxleslie

  9. I love them all and use them in both formal and informal settings.

  10. Such gorgeous pictures! I am a HUGE fan of blue and white china and can't think of anywhere it doesn'look wonderful! Blue can go with almost any color I think!

  11. Sharon,
    I love blue and white in a home, and even though I'm late to the whole blue and white party in my own home, I purchased some blue and white vases from Tina and they make me so happy. The little soap dish was one of the first blue and white images I saved from a blog. This set of pictures will make me smile all week long! Thanks.

  12. Hello,
    I'm your newest follower. I love all this blue! In fact, I have some of the same wonderful images on my Pinterest boards. So beautiful. Your blog is stunning and I'm so glad I somehow landed on it today. This is a wonderful post. Have a wonderful week.

  13. What a gorgeous post-who doesn't love blue and white.

  14. What can I say more than those others ???
    J'aime, j'aime, j'aime !!!
    Bonne journée

  15. Dear Sharon,
    you always post great pictures ... my favorite is the one with white wood table,candlesticks and flowers.
    Happy week end.
    Bisous, Babi

  16. I love blue and white, and love your collection of images here!

    Thanks for gathering so much inspiration :) Liz

  17. This is one of the best blog posts I have ever seen! Gorgeous!

  18. Dear Sharon, I visit very often your blog and I love it! You have a wonderfull taste, beautiful photos and there is nothig I deskile.

    I have to admite that brown is really nice.