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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Desirable Desks

Via Tumblr

 I am lucky enough to have my own study at home. It isn't a big room, but it has French doors leading outside, it faces north so is wonderfully light and sunny, and houses a sewing desk, lots of shelves for my files and paraphernalia, inspiration boards for my clippings, some glass fronted cupboards for my wares and a small rosewood desk where I do my blogging. I love this room and spend quite a lot of time there.

My problem is that it tends to get so untidy so quickly. Whenever any of my family have something that needs sewing, glueing, or any other type of attention, it gets dumped in my study. I have piles of paperwork waiting for attention, pictures and recipes from magazines waiting to be filed. I am generally an organised and neat person, but this is one room that gets the better of me. I am not going to show you the other side of my study, but the picture below will give you some idea!

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 I gaze with envy at the beautiful and tidy desks I see in magazines and on the web and wonder why mine can't look like that.  

Via Rachel Ashwell

I love the feminine curves of these desks.


Via House Beautiful

Via La Maison Fou Blog

A desk under a window or facing a beautiful view is always desirable

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A bookcase of set of shelves in close proximity to a desk always adds to it's appeal....

Via Matter of Style Blog

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Via Tumblr does a beautiful chair.

Via Tumblr

Family photo's or interesting art pieces or maps create visual interest above a desk.

Source Unknown

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A desk can be placed in the living room ....


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Via Heirloom Philosophy

...or the bedroom...

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...or even under the stairs.

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 A desk with drawers is always useful...

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Via Casa Decorada

and I love pigeon holes for all those little bits and pieces.

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A desk doesn't have to be anything fancy..

Via VT Interiors

A simple trestle table works beautifully....

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...or even a small dining table

Via Estilio Rustica

So what about you ... do you have a desk of your own....

Via Traditional Home

and can you keep it looking gorgeous?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. I have a desk in my bedroom! Just as of recent. My hubby was kind enough to build it for me. Most of the time the top stays decent.....but the drawers?? Now that's another story! I love those inspirational photos you posted. Someday our desks will look like that!! {right??}

  2. Wow Sharon you've shown some beautiful desks and work areas. The other side of your space gets messy because upon entering your space you usually have other stuff that is much more fun to do. I know this happens to me too so the mundane stuff sort of sits and waits.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm a sucker for images like these.
    I hope you solve the clutter thing ;-)

  4. No, I don't have a desk of my own and all these images, including yours, are gorgeous.

  5. I love images like this, but want to know where they keep all their files and paraphernalia? I also have a desk in the corner of the room where we run our business from, and I am continuously trying to make it look pretty!

  6. You never fail to tantilize! I love having a small desk in our home to blog, paint, write, dream at! I honestly think every woman needs a little place to girly up and call her own! Much love, Lisa

  7. Dear oh dear Sharon... I was glancing at my desk with a huge sigh which looks very much like that pic that you showed instead of your otherside of the room...worse still my piles have been there for a lonnngggg while and I need need to fix it and NOW!! Now your little blogging spot is tottaly gorgeous lady and I love your glass fronted cupboards to bits. Some amazing images and I am going to pin a few for inspiration... I have a very old desk that needs a bit of doing up and I am in tow or three minds about how to spruce it up!!


    Veronica x

  8. That is an awesome post...
    with lots of wonderful work desks.

    I think its time for me to organize my home office
    those are pretty inspirational spaces. Thanks and have a good day!

  9. These are lovely! I like working on a desk with a gorgeous view. Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  10. De magnifiques bureaux qui donnent envies de travailler, de belles ambiances
    Belle journée

  11. Loving all of these beautiful desks, Sharon, but the french chairs really sold me...gorgeous!!

  12. Such a gorgeous lineup. I love that Matters of Style image and I think the key to a big open desk is the bookshelf in the back to organize everything (at least when one wants to :)). We'll have a desk in the kitchen so I'm on the hunt for a great chair so these ideas were very timely for me...

  13. I do have a desk in an office, but I like you seem to keep it very untidy. I hate to do paperwork, so that is piled up everywhere. I have a huge inspiration board that needs a clean up, somehow toys have gotten mixed up in there as well, not to mention bits of craft projects that are not finished lying around in the mess. I vow every week to clean it up...maybe this week i'll tackle that job. Your pics are very inspirational. Leahx

  14. Are you kidding? Mine looks like the messiest one here. These are some fabulous desks...Love them all but really swooning over the first one and the two that are looking out the windows. Have a great weekend, Sharon. XO, Mona