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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gorgeous Garden in Provence

I wanted to show you this gorgeous garden in Provence.


It is a lovely mixture of formal, like the clipped box hedges and informal, like the random arrangement of pots.

I love this terrace with it's pretty fountain and row of potted trees.

A casual dining area on the gravel.

A charming little pool house overlooks the lawns and the pool.

I have never seen cypresses pruned with such precision!

Wrought iron, statues, pretty pots - all the things that I love.

There is something so romantic about an arch with climbing roses.

An island of agapanthus!

I knew you would want a glimpse of the interior as well!

So pretty.

I adore the scrubbed pine table.


Till next time

Sharon x

Image source: here


  1. Oh, how gorgeous! I love gardens with this style. And the inside is just as pretty!

  2. I agree...breathtaking. I was just thinking about the hot Provence sun when I scrolled down to that refreshing pool! And love the kitchen - the way it's staged is brilliant too - not the usual veggies but they get that perfect, natural "fresh from the garden" look...beautiful

  3. Je visite parfois ce genre de jardin
    Belle journée

  4. I don't know how i missed this. Beautiful home and gardens.

  5. How funny to come across these pictures. This house belongs to great friend of mine. And I have spent a lot of time there. It is absolutely my favorite house in the world. It is effortlessly beautiful!


  6. What is the name of this garden, and is it open to the public. I am assuming not, since there is no name. We will be in Provence May 18-25, and would like to visit some gardens.
    Thank you