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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty in Paarl

Paarl is a beautiful, historic town outside of Cape Town and this home is perched on a hillside in the Paarl Valley. When you see the pictures below, though, you could very easily think you were somewhere on a hillside in Provence.

The house has a beautiful setting amongst the vineyards.

The kitchen cabinets are a pretty blue grey colour with a contrasting centre island.

The kitchen has a dining area and leads out to the pretty garden.

There is a separate laundry and scullery through the doorway at the back.

The comfortable living room has a beautiful fireplace and arched doors leading out onto the patio.

The home boasts beautiful screeded floors and plastered walls.

It has such a spacious and airy feel to it.

A sitting area with a lovely view in the main bedroom upstairs.

A beautiful bathroom.

Red roof tiles and lavender - so typical of the Provencal countryside.

A seating area with fireplace in the background overlook the pool.

The pool is in a beautiful sheltered courtyard.

I love the arches and the stone. It gives this newly built house the feeling that it has been around for centuries.

The beautiful front facade of the house.

I would love to hear what you think of this home.

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. wowwwwwwwww simply so! stunning!!!

  2. It is a beautiful home and glad you said where it was located otherwise I would have thought France. If I had those views from the bath tub I don't think I would ever get out. Beautiful home and thank you for sharing.


  3. Magnificent! Wow I love the vibe and could have sworn we were in the French or Italian countryside. So beautiful, very calming and serene.

  4. Love it of course! Makes me want to build again...Are you moving?
    Colette x

  5. Okay, packing my bags and moving in. Stunning!

  6. I'm with Kim...movin' in...that's what I think of it! Looks like there's plenty of room for you, too! Breakast amongst the lavender every morning...ahhh! Much love, Lisa

  7. Just gorgeous Sharon... I am closer Kim!! I'l be there first!!


  8. Hi Sharon,
    This is a GORGEOUS home! I love the elegant yet simple style of it. The open airy feel.You picked a winner! We'd love to have you share it at Ivy and Elephants, too.

  9. Sharon,
    Oh, how lovely is your South Africa. This home is breathtaking thank you for taking me along for a visit.

  10. J'habite cette région, et c'est vrai qu'il y a de jolies maisons

  11. Your country has some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. This one included!! Leahx

  12. Sharon, have you actually been there !!?? It's absolutely stunning ! I have seen recently through blogs how beautiful South Africa is, and I'm hoping to win a lottery to start my travels there. How lucky you are to live in such a fantastic place !


  13. how gorgeous Sharon... makes me dream. (my entire apartment is probably the size of their kitchen!)
    x sandra

  14. I always love the fabulous homes in your posts. So many things to love about this one, but one thing besides the fabulous views and finishes that I'm intrigued by is that fabulous stairway! Awesome. XO, Mona

  15. I think this home is just unbelievable!!! Beautiful and i cannot believe it is new!!!
    Sharon your country is beautiful!!
    I love seeing all these stunning homes in your country!
    Pamela xo

  16. I enjoy spending my vacation in Paarl, such a scenic setting. Absolutely beautiful!

  17. Hi Sharon, absolutely love the house, would you mind to do a fashion shoot in the house? I am a third year student looking for an elegant home, the décor is stunning and will suit the elegant evening garments perfectly.