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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Musings : The tale of the Peacocks

Via Particular Poetry on Tumblr

I have decided to start a new series on my blog called Monday Musings. I spend (some might say waste) many hours looking for beautiful images of all sorts of things on the Internet just because looking at beautiful things makes me happy. I thought I would share some of these pictures with you because they might make you happy too! I have grouped them into themes and will show a different one each week.

Via Particular Poetry on Tumblr

This Monday's theme is peacocks and I have a funny little story to tell you. I grew up on a farm and my mom, a very enthusiastic gardener, had a magnificent garden which she would extend every year. My dad used to joke that he would have no more land left to farm if my mom continued enlarging her garden.

Via Smokey's Mountain Blog

Anyway, my mom had this idea that the crowning glory for her garden would be some peacocks. She imagined them majestically strutting across her immaculate lawns or regally sitting on a gate post. So she ordered some and they arrived in all their glory.

Via Today's Wanderings on Tumblr

 Sadly, the reality did not really live up to the picture in her mind.

Via Simply Sloane on Tumblr

There is a saying "as proud as a peacock" - well after our experience I think it should be changed to "as vain as a peacock".

Via Google

These birds did not walk gloriously across her lawn or perch proudly on her gate, they just spent day in and day out, huddled on the veranda, gazing at their reflections in the French doors.

Via La Maison Boheme

They also made such a mess on the brick floor of the veranda that my mother was in despair. Eventually she gave them away to someone else with delusions of grandeur and she got herself some Bantams instead.

Via Marinni

So here ends the sad tale of the peacocks.

Via Particular Poetry on Tumblr

Maybe my mom should have just stuck to peacock ironmongery...

Via Comfy Heaven Blog

...or tableware...

Via Today's Wanderings on Tumblr

...or she could have resorted to a stuffed peacock!?!

Via Comfy Heaven Blog

I think beautiful peacock adorned fabric would have been a good choice ...

Via Etsy

...or on the wall...

Via La Maison Boheme wallpaper...

Via Panadamanda on Tumblr

or art...


Do you have a peacock experience?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. The only experience I have with peacocks was at a friends wedding….they screech like that dickens and it isn’t very pretty sounding. But they are beautiful to bad they know it. This is going to be a fun series and I can’t wait for next Monday!

    I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

  2. They are such beautiful birds. I am getting ready to post my new picture that has a gorgeous peacock in it.
    Beautiful images you shared.

  3. I live in a town in the foothills of southern California. Years ago an eccentric neighbor built a mock castle in his orange grove and decided to add a couple of peacocks to his menagerie. The result is that now there are peacocks all over the place. They float down from low hanging branches as soon as it gets light and slowly strut blocking the streets, slowing traffic while looking for food. They are very messy, loud and beautiful.

  4. Hi Sharon, this is very amusing and entertaining to me, since I always thought I might like some white pea hens strutting around my predominantly green garden! The image of peacocks always conjures up some regal fantasy. I just found a vintage door with the glass insert etched with a beautiful peacock sitting on a pillar.I am hoping to use it in our renovation.I really loved this story and think Monday Musings will be a great success ! N.xo

  5. For 30 years I have lived in a neighborhood called Garden Villas in Houston Texas. When I first moved here, there were around 3 or 4 peacocks living here. They belonged to no one, but to everyone in the neighborhood. Of course,it being so unusual at the time, everyone kept the peacocks protected, but let them live wherever or in whatever yard they wanted too. Since that time this peacock population has increased. I would say there are as many as 30 or more peacocks living here now. They have randomly moved around and choose to live wherever they are tolerated. They are beautiful, and many days you have to slow down while driving in to out of the neighborhood, to let the peacocks cross the road. Visitors to our neighborhood sometimes stop their cars, get out and take pictures of the beautiful birds.

  6. What a lovely collection - I am a huge fan of peacocks (the decorative kind!) so I loved this post. My only experiences with peacocks have been in Asia and at the zoo - it would never even occur to me that one could order one for a household pet! Now I know not to do it if it ever occurs to me. :)

  7. I too live in Houston and out the Memorial area a very wealthy couple decided to build their dream home on many acres of heavily forested land. They added peacocks too. The peacocks now live throughout the entire area, protected by all the homeowners, and are a true sight to see. Everyone loves them. They just strut around having a grand time. Lovely story, dear. Maybe you should do a linky party on "Monday Musings" just to see if you could get a good group together. I also like to look at beautiful images, it relaxes and gives me inspiration for my jewelry designing.

  8. First of all: Monday Musings, is a GREAT idea, looking forward to that!..
    it is funny, I had just decided over the weekend I would like to start a Weekly or Friday I seem to enjoy capturing vignettes in our home or where I find myself...
    and I enjoyed this post on the peacocks..I adore these stately creatures and also had my "dream of strutting peacocks" shattered years ago when we lived on a property which came with around 15 peacocks. There was no way one could know for sure the verandah was clean and not think about soft furnishing outside.. they loved the reflection in the windows YES!! and forget about walking barefoot on the soft green grass...I still adore their presence by way of images and even have two tiny christmas trees made of peacock feathers ...I know probably not correct, but for me they spell colonial...
    thank you for a lovely post. Colette x

  9. Wow, I had no idea. I did the same thing with rainbow lorikeets which I find screech annoyingly and make such a mess. Fiona

  10. wow! where did you get the peacock tableware? i would love to get them!!