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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Opulent Minimalism

I like things! There, I've said it! I love browsing in shops and markets. I am a collector and a gatherer and I am the first to admit it. However, I find that I am more and more drawn to pared down interiors; rooms that are sparsely furnished and accessorised.

I love rooms with bare wood or stone floors and roughly plastered walls, furnished with just a few, beautiful antiques and carefully edited accessories. I call it "opulent minimalism".

This is definitely not to be confused with the contemporary minimalist look that is all about chrome and glass and sharp edges and boxy furniture! That look is the complete antithesis of what I love.

Rooms that have beautiful proportions and interesting architectural details don't need a lot of adornment.

A few French antiques are all that is needed, upholstery must be in vintage linen or plush velvet.

Windows are left unadorned.

An air of romance presides and aged patina is a must.

Walls are left mostly bare.

The few pieces in the room must make a statement.

Old books and interesting artifacts are all the accessories that are needed.

Beautiful and elaborate sconces and chandeliers create the required opulence.

A beautiful canopy bed needs only a small and simple side table.

Gilt fits perfectly with this look.

An exotic and elaborate piece of furniture creates interest.

No clutter is allowed

I think this type of interior requires quite a lot of discipline? Discipline that I'm not sure that I have! Do you?

Till next time
Sharon x

Images via: Pinterest, Cote de Texas, EuroAntiqueMarket, Eclectic Revisited, Veranda, Simple Everyday Glamour, UKTV, Pure Provenance.


  1. beautiful collection of pictures. Makes me dream... i'd love that kind of interior. life MUST be more beautiful in places like that!
    (maybe it requires discipline, ...or a team of great cleaners???)
    xo sandra

  2. I love the look, though I could never achieve it! I agree with Sandra - it looks like a beautiful life is lived in that type of environment.

  3. Lovely post...

    Love your style preference.

    Nice pics of spaces you've shared.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hello dear Sharon, came to return the visit there in the CASA and wish you a weekend full of light and joy out there in your country ....
    His blog is a dream
    Thanks for caring

  5. 'Opulent Minimalism', very apt! I love the look too and these images are gorgeous. Have a lovely Sunday. Rachaelx

  6. I just can't do it! I love love these rooms but i am such a junker i end up putting stuff everywhere!
    Everytime i try and make a room sparse my husband rolls his eyes and says it won't last!!!
    I have a friend who's home is like this and when i visit i want to put stuff everywhere lol !!

    Pamela xo

  7. Dear Sharon,
    We could have all kind of discipline if we had these areas to work and live in!!!! Gorgeous and so simple!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Renee and Angela

  8. Sharon, I love all the things that you love. Every image here is to die for. Opulent minimalism is a very good thing.

  9. Hi Sharon. My oh my what an opulent collection to make Monday less mundane!! That wall scone is to die for and it is also sitting on my moodboard. Sadly many modern homes lack the architectural detail but I have since learnt to overcome it.


  10. Oh Sharon, the pics are gorgeous. I'd love to live that way, but I just love STUFF so much! :)
    I'm a hunter gatherer, too! So I'd want everything in every picture. LOL

  11. I am with you on every word of this post. And discipline is right, but I'm afraid I get a bit carried away sometimes and can't help myself. As you said, and I am the same 'I like things'. Leahxx

  12. OK, because you admitted it, I'll do so too: I LIKE THINGS :-)

  13. Hello Sharon,
    I followed a link from Stylish Settings and I love what you do with your blog. My family and I have moved to Oz from South Africa and it was so good to see things from 'home' again. We miss SA a lot but we are settling into our new country and getting used to the changes. I would love it is we could stay in touch!