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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Beautiful Beach House

This house, overlooking the beach on the west coast of South Africa, has long been a favourite of mine. It was decorated by well known South African decorator, John Jacob Zwiegelaar.

I love the giant clock casually leaning against the wall. Although in my house, it would have been knocked  over long ago!

According to Zwiegelaar, this is not a ‘decorated’ house. It was really all about procurement and he spent two years hunting for items that were reminiscent of the happy childhood summers the client had spent on the once deserted beach. The holiday home had to suit its setting as well as a client who appreciated the provenance of the objects around him.


A lovely double volume space.

The cream, stone, blue and grey echo the colours of the seascape.


A casual arrangement of Proteas.

I love the open fireplace.

Dried "fynbos" in wicker baskets - so simple. I  think I might copy this idea.


The main bedroom and open plan bathroom occupy the upstairs space.

A fireplace in the bathroom is such a luxury.

I love the exposed trusses and light fittings.

This looks like a lovely spot to relax with a cup of tea and a good book.

A glass of South African red wine enjoyed while looking at the wonderful beach view - heaven.

Because you patiently scrolled through all these pictures, I'm going to reward you with another West Coast beach house. This one is more modest, but absolutely charming.

House and Leisure magazine describes the house as follows "Situated in an idyllic setting on the West Coast, Morning Tide is a perfect weekend hideaway for exhausted urbanites seeking pared-down luxury. The open plan living space and kitchen invite constant interaction among guests. Soft comfy sofas, cushioned loungers, and two ample dining areas create an atmosphere where lounging and socializing happen naturally. The bedrooms are beautifully appointed in weathered woods, shell chandeliers, and Josephine’s signature duck-egg walls. An occasional burst of soft red enlivens the space, breaking the easy feel of the predominantly neutral color palette and lending a sense of warmth. As the home is in a conservation community where electricity is scarce, “come sundown, candles and paraffin lanterns provide flickering holiday light” Come experience the magic."

I am completely in love with that red light fitting!

Till next time

Sharon x

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2nd house:


  1. Simply gorgeous...I Love how it reflects the colors of the amazing landscape and sea inside..beautifully done...

  2. Sharon, these are absolutely beautiful homes. We adore the first home. The open fireplace is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful! I love the serene feeling created by the neutral palette in the first home. I am trying to "neutralize" my home, and bring in color mainly through accessories and art. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Loving these houses, especially #1. Love the lanterns lining the walk... I like to do that too to greet company! It sets the tone for the evening. Hope your weekend is going wonderfully. xo

  5. OH.MY.GOD. Sharon... how amazing is this house... the spcae the location the interior.. makes me wonder who is so lucky to live there :) :)
    xo sandra

  6. I just found your blog and so thrilled I have the first home is amazing! That master bedroom would be a dream come true. I could move right in and be at peace, love the beamed ceiling! Beautiful blog!

  7. Sharon, what a beauty. I can see why it is one of your favs. Love the tub in front of the fireplace and I want the red light fixture in the kitchen.

  8. Sharon, These are both fabulous homes. Wow! Way too many details I loved to mention, but that fireplace in the bathroom in the first one and the red light fixture in the second. Just sooo many things to love. How is your kitchen garden growing? Have you enjoyed it this summer? Have a great week. Mona

  9. Sharon I can see why that first home is one of your favorites, it's gorgeous!! I LOVE everything about it! Thanks for sharing it with us, Martina

  10. beautiful :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  11. COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH THE FIRST HOUSE! the color harmony is stunning!

  12. So glad I found you this morning.
    Thanks for leaving your luring comment that had
    me following you over here!
    I could live in this house right now.
    Every single room, every single fabric and texture is what I love!
    Gorgeous post.
    Thanks for sharing, Sharon!

  13. Oh my hat Sharon, great minds think alike! Have a look at my post and it has been sitting in my drafts for about a month!

    Gorgeous Post!


  14. What beautiful pictures. I love the first house.

  15. Sharon...Thank you for sharing these images. They are filled with details that inspire me! When I was doing my post about French Laundry, I was thinking about your fabulous poolside garden!

  16. Thanks for stopping by. I can't remember if I commented on this post the other day but I like just about every thing in this house. It sure is a gem.

  17. hi, pamela from french buttons mentioned your blog to me. I am so happy to found you. just become your newest follower :)
    anyway we are moving back to south africa after 6 years abroad. cannot wait to be back.
    have a wonderful day and i will visit often

  18. I love these images, that first house is pretty much my dream! thanks for sharing, I just found your lovely blog via google, so glad I did! maybe you can see if you like mine too, thanx, Jo