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Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Romance

While doing some research for my previous post, I fell in love!

Yes, I fell in love with this gorgeous little cottage in the Cape Winelands.

It has a beautiful swimming pool, lovely garden, even a place to barbecue!

It has views to die for...

and a perfect setting.

Now, unfortunately, the interior wasn't really to my taste. Not to be deterred, however, I redecorated!

So follow me up the garden path to see inside my wonderful weekend getaway

I thought interior should match the muted palette of the exterior. The kitchen is simple and a bit rustic, but with enough of the mod cons to make life easy.

In the living and dining area, furnishings are simple and comfortable, nothing too precious!

The bedroom echoes the blue of the agapanthus in the garden.

There is a spare bedroom so you can come and stay too.

The bathroom window has a beautiful view.

I often have an afternoon nap on that daybed. Sometimes even a morning nap.

So what do you think of my little place in the country?

Till next time


Images: 1-7 Burgundy Borgogne
9 unknown
10 and 12 Via Pinterest
11 Via House Beautiful


  1. What a gorgeous perfect place. The view in that 4th shot is breathtaking. I love your "redecorating" too.


  2. I love your place you decorated it beautifully, how cleaver you are too. That really is a beautiful cottage and I love all the agapanthus about we can't grow it outside where I live. What a beautiful post to make one sit and dream! Enjoy your weekend Sharon!

  3. Sharon I love the way you have redecorated the cottage..just gorgeous. Love all the elements in the second image.. So when can I come and stay? Enjoy your weekend X

  4. how divine... i dream of a little cottage like this: tranquil and quiet, and simple . (although when i am feeling grand and rich, i also dream about the home in your last post!!)
    lovely Sharon, thanks for making me dream
    xo sandra

  5.!! Let me know when your imaginary Inn is taking reservations. lol
    Beautiful pictures! :)

  6. Sharon you redecorated beautifully(LOL)!! If I was to be a guest their I wouldn't want to leave! Have a great weekend, Martina

  7. Sharon, this is absolutely a To Die For post! Love your imagination and creativity. So so pretty.

  8. Sharon I adore this sweet cottage and the setting, oh my! Perfect!


    Art by Karena

    I hope you will come over and enter my amazing giveaway from Interieurs!!

  9. Your place in the country is gorgeous. Love the redecorating. I would love to come and stay, and the exterior surroundings are perfect. Leahx

  10. Oh i want this too Sharon!!! Love all your ideas...gorgeous!!
    This is a dream!
    Pamela xo

  11. Those outdoors are so stunning it's a shame the interior didn't match its beauty...BUT I love what you did with the place! :)

  12. Excellent decorating job! :-). I would never want to leave. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. She built castles on the interwebs...

  14. Hello Sharon,
    Lovely post and BIG surprise when I saw the last Image!....since can you believe,I actually stayed at that very place , sat outside sipping wine on that very same "stoep" APT , one of LA Madone's apartments...yes!
    Col x

  15. I love how you redecorated the place. It looks beautiful. I would never want to leave.

  16. gorgeous pics and decor!
    happy day,