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Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Holiday

I think I've found the place where I want to spend my summer holiday this year!

Away from the madding crowd, with the beach on my doorstep, this house on South Africa's west coast would be perfect.

A lovely big, open living area, casually furnished and filled with light.

Room to breathe....

I would rustle up some magical seafood suppers in this kitchen...

A dining table big enough for our family and then some.....

The main bedroom has wraparound views....

From the outside looking into the main bedroom.

This bedroom has it's own fireplace.

There are 2 bedrooms that have their own little kitchenette and sitting area, perfect for grandparents or visiting friends.

Inviting rooms for children...

...including a play area.

The family bathroom. 

A quick stroll to the sea.

Easy beach living...

Should I make up a bed for you?

Till next time

Sharon x



  1. Wow, isn't that the ultimate holiday house? I actually have a couple of these pictures in a scrapbook I have been carting around for years. But now I've seen the rest of the house, I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!! Yes, please I'll come with you. Leahxx

  2. Count me in!!! Fantastic house and views to die for.....Thank you for letting me escape this cold "spring" day here in Melbourne!!!
    Warm wishes, Kerry

  3. Oh yes please Sharon...a beautiful house...thanks for sharing..I'll book my flights now!

  4. Oh how lucky that would be to stay there. Would be real hard to go home at the end. Fiona

  5. Oh yes, count me in too, what a beautiful summer house.

  6. Hey friend missed you around here:) What a GORGEOUS place to spend your summer vacation, I wouldn't want to leave! Martina

  7. Oh how beautiful. I love the scale and balance in the decor. I will be along too

    Thank you for visiting my blog and being my new follower - to friendship
    Helen Tilston

  8. A beautiful gathering place!
    I love all the stars and the chairs with pockets!
    Have a wonderful week, Sharon!

  9. Hi Sharon. What a wonderful place I feel relaxed just looking at it! Time flies andI have not been here for a while so catching up on a few posts!


  10. Yes please!
    I was going to ask: where is my room?!! ;-)

  11. I'm there! That bedroom and the kids bedrooms are so great!!!

  12. Great pictures!
    It's so nice see these pictures, so relaxing. Here in Italy we have rainy day and I can imagine to sitting outside your second picture just to look at the sea!
    Bisou, Babi

  13. yes!! stunning place to spend one's holiday..
    what gorgeous beaches and views...
    relaxing in the sun and and taking it easy sounds like a wonderful way to spend your holiday..

  14. WOW, what an amazing place! I love it and I can see why you want to spend time there! :)

  15. Yes, please! This is beautiful. Love the spacious and bright rooms. :)

  16. Ok I'm there too and which room do I get? A beautiful place wish we were really going!

  17. Sharon, I would love to spend my summer here to. Lets have a blogger's get away. Wouldn't that be fun? I have the Master bedroom! Kidding aside, lovely home

  18. Blue blue skies and white sand...great choice. I want to come too.

  19. Oh I agree...

    it is one perfect summer house.

    I love the bedrooms,

    very inviting.

  20. Oh my beautiful...I love it! ~Deb~