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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely Lilac or Gorgeous Grape

When I was about 10 years old, my mom remembers me showing her a picture of my dream bedroom decorated almost entirely in the brightest purple. I like to think I've come along way since then!

In the old days, we called it purple. These days you are a lot more likely to hear decorators refer to berry, grape, plum or aubergine. Or possibly, violet, lilac and lavender. 

I don't have any purple in my home, but after seeing all these pictures, perhaps I need to change that. A good way to introduce purple is with slipcovers. If you tire of the colour, it can easily be changed.


These linen slipcovers are just gorgeous!

More lovely examples.

I don't think I've ever seen a purple kitchen before. What do you think? A bit much maybe?

Perhaps purple is better in smaller doses...

...such as cushions or a pretty rug.


I love this colour combination.

A tablecloth is an easy way to add a bit of purple, inside...

...or outside.

Another way of introducing purple is on your walls.

It can vary from the palest lilac... a stronger lavender.... a rich grape (or is it aubergine)...

...or even a deep indigo.

...or how about a purple ceiling?

Purple upholstery makes a lovely statement.

You could even paint your furniture purple. A bit too bright for me I think!

Mmmm, this one is better.

You can introduce it into your bedroom with a throw....

or some pretty curtains.

If this is all too much of a commitment for you perhaps you could just introduce purple in your flower arrangements...


or even a purple cake!

or perhaps just keep it in your garden where nature does it best of all.

Till next time

Sharon x
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  1. Great idea with the covers!! I have not used purple so far, but these pictures inspired me and who knows? a purple Christmas decoration?

  2. When I was a kid I fell in love with purple. I remember my mom and I searching everywhere for purple bedding, which was so hard to find back then. I also remember my excitedment at getting a much longed for pair of purple nikes. I had never had name brand shoes before and was so surprised my parents splurged on me. I still love lavender and plum today and am working on ways to add subtle hints of it to some of the rooms in my home. Your photos are such gorgeous inspiration! I adore the plush plum colored rug in photo #8, but I would never be brave enough to use such a bold color in flooring!

  3. Hi sahron :)
    Gosh this post is full of such beautiful interiors... who lives in these grogeous places? makes me want to change not just the colours in my home, but move all together!

    i really like the deeper darker hues of AUbergine. it looks smart and sober. i don’t have purple in my home, i am a big fan of white interiors. but i suppose a dash of it could be rather beautiful...

    xo sandra

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I don't have any purple in my home, but I think that a lavender color in the bedroom or bathroom is very soothing and relaxing. thank you for those beautiful pictures!
    XXX Ido

  5. Hi Sharon, I like the touches of purple and not the full blown purple. I love purple flowers and the little bits of purple you have shown in these pictures. I missed your last post and glad you had a wonderful break. The boys looked like they had fun and you got to relax with a book. I loved seeing pictures of your garden. It is really beautiful (any more) LOL. It looks like my sort of garden. Have a lovely day! Leahxx

  6. Oh Sharon, the lavenders are gorgeous. Adore the table for two and the chaise...beautiful!!

  7. Oh grrr my entire comment got lost, so here goes again...
    Lovely images Sharon, never seen a purple kitchen but I can see a smaller version perhaps a cabinet with a stainless top in a small amount for the ultra lavender lover.
    Thanks so much for sharing, have a wonderful week, tami

  8. What a gorgeous post! That belgian dining room with the linen slipcovers is one of my all time favorite dining rooms. So many gorgeous examples here!

  9. I’m with you Sharon purple in small doses. It’s a gorgeous color but a purple kitchen…no! A pillow accent, those gorgeous slipcovers or flowers are perfect but it’ss a color I prefer to leave in the garden or on a blouse.

  10. Dear Sharon,
    I love lilac and lavender colors too. Especially if you mix with grey shadow. The picture with chair and flowers is divine. I also like purple of your pictures.
    Bisous, Babi

  11. I actually do like a bit of purple in my home - although funnily enough I will refer to it as lavender, lilac, aubergine, or plum (never purple). I used to find it worked well in my bedroom (as a more male accepted version of pink). I now have the darker purples mixed with linen and pale gold in my formal lounge room. It has a very regal atmosphere.
    Lovely photos.
    Cheers Kylie x

  12. Beautiful inspiration! The closet is my absolute favorite! sigh...

  13. so many beautiful images and ideas...and yes, I love the lavender and aubergine colors...and I'll find a way to incorporate it in to my new home..
    very lovely indeed..

  14. These pictures are great. I love the lavender. It is so pretty.

  15. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for your sweet comment, it's always nice to meet new people! I love shades of purple-grey as accent colors, although in this apartment the color is still missing, have to do something about it soon. Also, I was looking for some new books to read and in your other post I see good ones, so thanks for the tip!
    Have a good day, Maureen

  16. Hi Sharon- These are all gorgeous pictures. I like a small amount of purple in my rooms. Flowers, a pillow or an area rug with purple in them. Your blog is beautiful! :)

  17. Hi Sharon! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can check out the details on my blog. Have a great weekend :)

  18. thanks so much for sharing such gorgeous eye candy. I think I just may have to go off and hunt down some purple! Great post.

  19. Sharon, This is a gorgeous collection of images. I'm drooling over each one. How much more sophisticated and chic does grape or lilac sound than purple? Ha! Doesn't really matter...these spaces are divine. Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend.XO, Mona

  20. Hi Sharon, please pop over to my blog I've given you the versatile blogger award!