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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Provence Home

In a previous post I did on here on wicker, I showed a picture of this dining room. Many of you commented on the beautiful vaulted ceiling. I thought it would be fun to show you the rest of this home which is located in Provence, southern France.

The dining room with it's vaulted ceiling and beautiful lantern.

French crockery and linen napkins

The living room, also with vaulted ceiling and wonderful arched window.

The family room.


Clever use of glass canisters.

The kitchen is a surprise with its splash of red as the rest of the home is more muted.

A close up of the kitchen sink.

Lovely details - candles under cloches and a row of confit pots up the stairs.

A clever use of space to incorporate a bathroom into the bedroom.

The basin is very quaint in its little cubicle.

On the other side of the bath is another little cubicle with a desk, which could also be used as a dressing table.

The other side of the bedroom has a pretty grey painted wardrobe and beautiful chair.

Another bedroom with a beautifully ornate French bed.

And another bedroom.

Pretty details.

Lovely bathroom.

2 wicker chairs welcome guests at the front entrance.

Would you like to join me here on the terrace for a drink?

PS. If you want to see a post on the most beautiful garden please visit my friend Veronica here. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Till next time.

 Sharon x


  1. GORGEOUS Sharon!! You always share the most beautiful photos! Have a great week friend, Martina

  2. I could be very happy in that home it's so beautiful and all that stone die for! You had me at the front of the house. But I am wondering about something, there doesn't seem to be a lot of soft surfaces with all that stone, do you think there would be a slight echo? Interesting thought huh?

  3. what a lovely vaulted ceiling well as the earthenware pottery...the bedroom with the ornately carved headboard is divine..

  4. Hmmm.... its de lovely Sharon, this house with the garden that I just posted at La Rive and I think my life would be complete in the home dept!


  5. Beautiful and impressive home! I love all the textures!


  6. Hello Sharon, thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us,
    I adore the little nooks behind the soft flowing drapes..have a lovely's allmost out now! Hugs Colette

  7. Your photos always feed my dreams, Sharon.
    That flash of red in the kitchen...totally charming. Each room is stunning!

  8. Wow, this is a truly elegant home with so many beautiful details! So glad you posted it - I found many great ideas in this post Sharon, so thank you!

  9. so beautiful and inviting...would love to live there xo

  10. So beautiful and charming. I love stone walls. It creates so much interest. I would like to move in so I could have coffee on that terrace every day.

  11. I would love to join you for a drink. I think I could live here. SOOOO Beautiful!!! Leahxx

  12. Hi Sharon. So kind of you... thank you for including a link to La Rive! Also gave me a chance to come back here and swoon again... Would love to stay in Provence for a month in a home like this and visit all the food markets...


  13. I love this! I've traveled to Provence several times and since have redecorated my home to recreate and surround myself in it's beauty. I have an all white kitchen and several months ago decided it needed a splash of red (my favorite color). Now that I've seen this kitchen I'm more confident with my chose. Thank you!