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Friday, November 4, 2011

The smallest room in the house

In South Africa we usually call them cloakrooms or guest loos. They seem to be called powder rooms in America and I'm not sure what they are called in other parts of the world. They are often the smallest rooms in our homes and a room where we can be quite indulgent, where form can be more important than function. The basins don't have to handle anything heavy duty, just some gentle hand washing. They don't have to contain a myriad of toiletries, just some luxury soap and hand lotion, beautiful linen hand towels, some flowers and a scented candle or fragrant room spray. It is a room where we can spoil and indulge our guests, make them feel special and pampered. Here are some of my favourites.

The stone or cement basins and rustic elements are so beautiful....

Gorgeous metal basins....

Lovely, feminine versions.....


More contemporary styles....

 ....and finally, my version. My boys have been banned from using it. Accuracy is not their strong point so it really wouldn't be fair to my guests! :)  

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. Lovely...

    I love the ones with the natural look,

    a bit rustic and texturally wonderful.

    There are also powder rooms that has amazing wallpapers and I love them too.

  2. these lovely powder rooms or cloakrooms are so inspiring..I especially love the stone basins and the ones with a bowl basin style such as the one in your lovely guest room...

  3. I love the image with the skirt! How we have come to embrace the natural patinas. Morning story time is fun at your house, dear Sharon!

  4. Hi Sharon

    I am in love with the first group you posted. So exotic and different

    Thank you

    Helen xx

  5. Your guest loo is fabulous!! Whenever we are about to have guests my boys are banned from the guest bathroom too and that even includes my husband!

  6. Sharon you always show the most beautiful images! I love them all! Funny I have the same problem in my house with my son UGH!! Have a great weekend friend, Martina

  7. Oh gorgeous Sharon but is that last photo yours??? Honestly how gorgeous is that!!!!
    I love what you call powder rooms "cloak rooms"
    so elegant!!
    Pamela xo

  8. Sharon: all your choices are so lovely. I cannot decide which "cloakroom" (new one for me) is my favorite..but I love all the stone basins.

  9. Beautiful baths!
    I love the skirted sink, so simple, yet dripping with elegance!

  10. You've shown some of the more beautiful powder rooms, love the stone basins.

    Enjoy your weekend Sharon!

  11. Thanks Sharon, for the wonderful comments. love the loos. here in Canada we call them powder rooms as well.
    love the stone sinks.
    au revoir

  12. Sharon,

    This is a gorgeous post! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. I'm now following you!


  13. Gorgeous! What beautiful bathrooms. I love all of these.

  14. They are lovely - but I like yours the best. I have a boy too so I get the accuracy thing.
    Cheers Kylie

  15. Sharon this post leaves me drooling. I'm in love with every image and particularly yours. I love stone basins. XO, Mona

  16. I absolutely love the stone and metal ones you showed...and how true that we can do something special in this small space devoted mostly to guests! Yours is quite lovely too - what a beautiful sink!

  17. agghhh...stunning all of them . Thanks for inspiring!

  18. Beautiful inspiratons, Sharon. I love photo no 13.

  19. These are all absolutely gorgeous...adore the second image!!

  20. Hi sharon wow what a collection you have here. i could pin the whole lot. I particularly loved the one idea of the ornate metal work in front of the window (second one). A great way to add detail and interest to a small room. Pity you could not make Kamers but Col mentioned that she would be at the vintage fair as well, so maybe
    you could make that. We were thinking of arranging a get together as well.

    Thanks for stopping by


  21. finally, Sharon,
    I've added you to my blog roll...
    thank-you so much for adding me..
    you are so lovely to have done that..
    I didn't even know it.. :)