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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Abbey

The Abbey is a "home from home" guest house in Johannesburg, South Africa. The owner, Simone Mungle, has been in the decor industry for many years and is probably most well-known for her shop House and Homewear, which she has since sold. This guest house is her new venture and she has decorated it in an interesting mix of Colonial, French and English country home style. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

The Union Jack rug was specially made for her using old oriental carpets.

Masses of books add colour and interest to the shelves.

I love the collection of tureens on the mantel and the beautiful Persian underfoot.

There are beautiful rugs in every room.

I love the trophies, vintage wire basket and the African touch with the buck towel hooks.

The Verandah has a very Colonial feel with the Kudu hunting trophies flanking the fireplace and the reed ceiling.

So do you think you might like to stay here? I know I would!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Oh yes I would be very happy to! Did you change your blog look? Or am I just going a bit nuts? If so looks great!! This place is loaded with beauty and charm...what a pleasure it would be to stay there!

  2. What a lovely location - thanks for sharing it! I especially like the veranda with the relaxed but refined feel...just gorgeous. Thank you for your nice comments about Linen Haus today! I'm sorry I haven't been stopping by...I have been a tiny bit distracted by the move :) and just realized that all of my email subscriptions are being sent to my spam folder.'s on the to do list for my husband for the w/e to try to figure that one out! :)

  3. When can I come? I could move in actually. So warm and comfortable, yet so beautiful. And so many lovely vignettes. Thanks so much for sharing...Have you started your editing project yet?...I'm digging in today. Have a great weekend. Mona

  4. Oh it would be such pleasure to stay in there even for a day.

    Love its cozy interiors

    and sunny outdoors.

  5. I just discovered your beautiful blog thru Pinterest... I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful posts.. hugs ~lynne~

  6. You can count me the warm and inviting feel and the outdoor area is splendid!! Have a great weekend ~

  7. oh my..all the books..I could linger for hours...
    and then the gardens, they beckon me...
    beautiful place, would love to visit...

  8. I most definitely would love to stay here. So interesting as well as beautiful. Leahx

  9. I'm new too! via - your recent comment on Design Chic blog. L.O.V.E. creating a carpet design using mixed pieces of old carpet. Of course I've seen patch work but not like this Union Jack - so great! Good to meet you Sharon, Cheers!

  10. Oh gorgeous!!! Is it also a restaurant? Wondering about all the tables in the dining room. It looks like it's been decorated over favorite style.

    1. I so want to be there. What a charming place to visit. We are giving you the blog on fire award. We should be posting it on Monday.

  11. OH Sharon I want this house!!!! That powder room is so unique! I had to go through this post
    of couple of times. Thank you for sharing this!!!!
    Pamela xo

  12. Simone is a amazing decoration. I could a lot from his talent.