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Sunday, February 5, 2012

L' Ambiance

If you are planning a holiday to Provence or maybe just dreaming about a holiday in Provence, I have found just the place for you! Just 5 minutes drive from Gordes in the quaint hilltop village of Goult, you will find this lovely 17th century home.

 This home has been decorated with fine antiques and beautiful artwork.

French doors leading out of the light filled kitchen into the garden.

Look, there is even a place to do your blogging!

Inside L'Ambiance there are 3 bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom, and private sitting area.

So pretty!


 I love the colours used in this bedroom.

Serene and simple.

Dining in the dappled shade

A good spot to read a book. Notice the quaint fountain in the background.

Beautiful view from a beautiful garden.

The beautiful scent of jasmine awaits your arrival.

Well, my bags are packed...

b / Linda Berg

...and I'm ready to go. How about you?

Reservation details here

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Gorgeous place and oh, how I wish I could spend time there. Too high for my pockets though.

    1. Beautiful French Home....ohhhh I love love love!

  2. What an amazing place! I'm packing my bags too :) Love the French doors in the kitchen and the beautiful arch door. Oh yes and I can't forget the fabulous al fresco dining!

  3. Oh how lovely....I'm on my way!!!
    xox Kerry

  4. I'll meet you their Sharon!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

  5. I will flip you for that second bedroom you've shown! Looks like a fabulous place, actually any place I don't have to cook is fabulous!

    Enjoy your evening!

  6. What a gorgeous home! I would love to place a reservation to stay there :o) Oh to dream!!!!! LOL

    PS.I am also your newest follower :o)

  7. I always have to go through your posts so slowly just to savour every detail in the photos!
    What a dream you have shared here Sharon!
    Love it!
    Pamela xo

  8. What a beautiful home!!Amazing the renovation they have done!! Leslie

  9. if you're paying then I'm in ;-)

    I can bake and cook!

  10. My bags are packed. Can I come too? Peaceful and serene, just what I need right now. Leahx

  11. One of the most gorgeous places I have had the pleasure of visiting has to be Gordes! Just magical! I have always wanted to return and hire a house and stay for a month, and visit all the other little villages in the Luberon and Provence... this abode will do nicely Sharon! It is quite devine and I am wondering how much it is??

  12. Can I stowaway in your suitcase,'s wonderful. I am dreaming of those outdoor areas!!

  13. Add my bag to yours. I love every single detail. XO, Mona

  14. Breathtaking! This is the home in France I've envisioned in my own mind. I could pack my clothes and move right in. Is the home owner from the U.S.? For some reason I believe they are. Thanks for sharing. Mitty @ My Faux French Chateau.

  15. I love how the bed has a kind of cage fence to it. It's hard to explain but I like it. The bed is huge. I was wondering if that bed is a king's sized bed?