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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - N is for Neutral

As much as I love and appreciate colour, my default position always tends towards neutrals. I find them tranquil and soothing and easy to live with. They are also easy to decorate with because they all blend so beautifully. They don't shout at you, they don't compete for attention, they all just get along in harmony. Now, if only my kids could behave like that!
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy....


Wishing you all a happy week ahead. I will be spending some contemplating O is for.....
Till next time
Sharon x

Image source: 6. L'Ambience, France 9. Veranda 13 Pam Pierce, 16 Via LL Interiors 17. Via Stinemos Blog 18. Via Trouvais 22 Via Linen and Lavender, 23 Velvet and Linen  All other images via Tumblr and Pinterest


  1. Sharon...very soothing and relaxing...but you know me...if my home was decorated in this style I would have to pop some blue in....

  2. I like that bedroom! pretty. I agree Sharon ~ neutrals are so easy to live with. You can always add color and it's fun to change things up seasonally. Happy Monday and I hope you have a nice week ahead. xxleslie

  3. I love a neutral look and could easily live with any of these rooms. I also love color but I do find I tire of patterns and colors quickly. With a neutral look it’s easy to change when the mood strikes! When I repaint this is what I’ve decided to do. Gorgeous photos.........

  4. I joined Pinterest about 18 months ago but at the time I didn't realize some of my pins were missing links. It wasn't until today, while searching for the links, that I realized most of my favorite pins came from you! I love your blog, the beautiful pictures & the non-fussy way you approach a project - especially that shelf you made for the niche! Thanks so much for sharing your projects, your pictures & your blog!!!

  5. Sharon,
    There is something so tranquil and inviting about neutrals. Still, I am working towards having more upholstered pieces dressed in neutral, and maybe confine my color to pillows and such. Always a wonderful post. I do enjoy this series.
    I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  6. Lovely! I am loving all those course linen covers on the sofas. I have bought some linen to cover my sofa with, and I am procrastinating
    because I am afraid I will make a mess of it, but your covers have encouraged me, so thank you. Have a great weekend, love Linda x