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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Le Weekend

My weekend started off on a good note on Friday morning when I went to an open day at a home in Noordhoek. Some time ago I was invited by the charming Robin, owner of the online shop  LIVE LOVE HOME to come and view her gorgeous selection of homewear. I roped in my friend Niki and we had a morning of coffee, eats, chatting and shopping. (♬ ♪ These are a few of my favourite things ♪ ♫). She stocks the most beautiful cushions, as well as table napkins, table runners, ceramics, bags and a whole lot more. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone or to spruce up your home, go and visit 

Friday afternoon was a bit of a rush fetching kids from school, going to pick up a little table I found on Gumtree (see more about that later), heading off to watch a hockey match, followed by a concert at St Georges Cathedral where my 15 year old was playing in the SACS concert band. It was an evening of beautiful music by all the bands and the proceeds went to the Fikelela Aids Project

Saturday morning was spent watching my 13 year old play his very last rugby match of the season, though much of the time was spent on the phone to the washing machine repair guy who was at my house - apparently my washing machine needs a new gear box?!? Who knew? It's also costing the price of a small car! Then coming home to paint my 18 year old's new bedroom which I am busy fixing up, managing to get paint on my favourite jeans (anyone know how to get paint out of denim??)  I am now going to be without a washing machine for a few day which is a tragedy of epic proportions. I cannot tell you how much I love my washing machine. It is up there along with my husband, children and dogs!

I did manage to have a little nap on the sofa with some company, while waiting for the paint to dry.

I then had to find some "get up and go" as well as an outfit to wear for a nautical themed party that evening. I found a white blazer with gold buttons in the archives from my "corporate" day. Hoarding can be a good thing!

I woke up with a headache on Sunday morning which I'm sure was more to do with the paint fumes than the few glasses of wine consumed the night before! I bravely fought through the pain and carried on painting the walls in Matt's room and then decided to tackle the little table I bought on Gumtree that I mentioned previously. I wanted a table in my study near my easel to hold my art equipment, and this one was the perfect size.


 It was in good condition but was painted in a ghastly black and gold combo. (I hope the previous owner doesn't read my blog). I decided Annie Sloan was the way to go so started off with a layer of Paris Grey, followed by a layer of Chateau Grey, then followed by a dark wax. Using Annie Sloan is pretty idiot proof which is a good thing because my brain was still a little cloudy! (Paint fumes can really bring a girl down!)  Go here to find an Annie Sloan stockist in South Africa.

I think it turned out quite well. To reward myself , I did consider another nap on the sofa, but resisted the temptation....

 ....and moved onto my next project which was to paint the inside of a cupboard that is going into Matt's room.

The first coat is on and I am now seriously considering the nap option, but I thought I would do a quick blog post first because I know you are all dying to know what I did on my weekend. I do lead a very exciting life, I know! 

By the way, because of all the room switching around and the bit of redecorating I'm doing, I have a whole host of accessories and a few small bits of furniture that I am selling. If you are in the Cape Town area, I will be at the car boot sale at SARDA on Saturday 19 September. I've never done this before so I hope it will be worthwhile - need to fund the redecorating. Here are a few of the things that will be on sale at bargain prices!

Sadly, le weekend is  now drawing to a close. It has been quite productive though. Do you think I earned another nap?

Till next time.

x Sharon


  1. You gave that table new life!! It looks wonderful!! I wish you could come to my house and spruce up a few things!! That cupboard is going to be beautiful as well!

  2. That was one busy weekend! I love the way the table turned out. I guess I haven't followed you long enough to pick up the fact that you are an artist. How wonderful to be able to paint, not just furniture, but actual frame-able art.
    Hope you're feeling better after the paint fumes.

  3. thanks for sharing your wonderfully full and fun weekend in such an honestly entertaining way dear Sharon! All best with the rest of the reno's.
    Much Love from Sleepy Sedgefield

  4. Hi Sharon! You definitely are a weekend over achiever!! Please call me for a job if you move to the states! I love your painted pieces!! Leslie Sinclair