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Monday, August 10, 2015

Trusty Trestles

Our lives and lifestyles are constantly in a state of flux. We might go from single to married or the other way around. We might go from no children to a family of 4 or more, or from a home with toddlers to a home with teenagers and later, to an empty nest. Every different stage will lead to a difference in the way we lead our lives, how we entertain, how we interact with our children and our friends.

As we go through these various stages, our homes need to meet our needs in different ways. Having furniture that is practical and versatile is a clever way of ensuring that you can make the changes you need to without always having to spend more money.

The humble trestle table has been around since the Middle Ages which is a testament to its good design. It is both practical and stylish and remains popular today for a number of different purposes.

Exposed limestone brick wall, dining room with long farmhouse trestle table, black Eames chairs and pendant lights!

It is popularly used as a desk. The trend probably started as an affordable option for students, but has evolved into more stylish incarnations for home office use. Here are some examples...

 They are a clever option for a dining table. If you have babies and toddlers, you might find that you don't use a dining table very often and it could easily be stored in a garage for later use. If you love entertaining in different ways, it can easily be moved to your garden or pool when required. Think braais (barbeque's for the non South Africans) or kids parties.

 Beautiful Buffets - rustic cocktail table

You could even have 2 the same size which could be used together as one long table when entertaining a large crowd. If you are having a buffet style party, just relocate the table to one side of your dining room.


Sawhorse Trestle Dining Table

A trestle table can work well as a kitchen island and folded out of the way if you need more open space.

Trestle Table as Kitchen Island

 Another popular use is as a table in an entrance hall, behind a sofa or against a wall to display decorative objects.



Art trestle table
A low version works well as a coffee table.

 They can add a lovely rustic feel to a bathroom....

 A ceramic basin set into a trestle table - so simple, so cool!

 ....and can be used outside as a potting bench or just to display some pretties.

If I haven't given you sufficient reasons to go out and buy a trestle table, then you haven't been concentrating hard enough and need to go back to the top and start again!  BACK TO TOP

Wishing you a happy week ahead.

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Sharon x


  1. Sharon,
    I love some of the examples you've shared, especially the more rustic looking tables. It makes me wish I had a trestle table.
    Happy to see a post from you...I hope you're doing fine.

  2. I'm totally inspired by these gorgeous trestles you've shown in your blog Sharon! Til now I've been locked into thinking of trestles as more industrial - workbenches etc. Thanks for a lovely post!

  3. Hi,

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