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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Marylou Sobel - Designer

I have always maintained that South Africa is full of hidden talent and I have just discovered a new one.

Well, maybe I didn't actually discover her.....she has clearly already been discovered judging by the impressive portfolio of clients she has. And maybe she isn't strictly speaking a South African because she has lived in Sydney, Australia, for 30 plus years, but she was originally from South Africa so I feel we can claim her as one of our own.

So, who is this new/well-known, South African/Australian interior designer.


Marylou Sobel, owner of Marylou Sobel Interior Design. You can visit her website here to see more of her work. She has a very diverse portfolio of projects and I have chosen some of my favourite pictures to share with you.


The first few pictures are from her own home in Sydney which was renovated and updated recently. I love the muted colours and comfortable, lived in feel. The best decorators always manage to make a home look like it hasn't been "decorated" if you know what I mean.


I absolutely love this patio with it's stone clad fireplace and comfortable furnishings. It really is an outdoor room in the true sense of the word. No plastic "stoep furniture" here!


Set in a lush garden, the outdoor area is as beautiful as the indoors.

The next few pictures are from a family home that required a transformation of the kitchen and the addition of a conservatory. Look at the beautiful outcome.

Another conservatory like dining area for a different client...

....and yet another, below. Beautiful!

She is a master at creating beautiful kitchens...

...and this idea for hiding unsightly appliances is genius.

Amazing attention to detail is evident in every corner...

...and she has a real knack for making warm and inviting living areas.

And finally, this cute little boys bedroom is also her creation.

I hope you all have a happy week ahead. 

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Hi Sharon...I love her style! Sophisticated, but with a comfy feel!

  2. Sharon,
    You find the best designers for us! I love the style of Marylou Sobel. Her rooms are inviting but still posses the right amount of formality.
    Happy Monday, hope your week goes well.

  3. Loved seeing some of Marylou Sobel's inspired portfolio!! Thank you. xo Leslie

  4. Such beautiful style.....loved the rooms, so inviting and comfortable. Loved the addition of the conservatory. I also want to mention that your last post on trestle tables was so the many styles!


  5. This is inspiration! I really love the styles. Thanks for sharing!