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Monday, February 7, 2011

Beautiful birds

I have noticed that ornamental birds and birdcages are a recurring theme in my home.

This gorgeous bird followed me home a few days ago.

He sits atop a pile of books. Can you detect a common theme running through the books?

This birdcage with a little plant inside greets you at my front door

This sweet picture resides on the wall above the birdcage at my front door

A group of birdcages on my patio - waiting for some greenery, succulents maybe - any suggestions?

These little birdbaths stand amongst my herbs. Sometimes the pigeons come to drink from them - I think they were meant for daintier birds!

I would love to own some little silver birds like these

... or maybe these

I've seen these vinyl stickers advertised - have any of you tried them?

I love this birdcage tea towel

I also love to see real bird life in my garden

Letitia at The White Shed is hosting a giveaway. These beautiful food covers are up for grabs. Go and visit her lovely blog for the lowdown!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Some weeks ago I saw a lovely old yellow birdcage in a second hand shop! Since then, I am hesitating about buying it or not!!! kisses

  2. Bonjour Sharon:~ your blog is lovely! Thank you for adding my blog to your list.
    "All Things French"

  3. Thanks for giving info on this food cover giveaway. Being able to cover almost any sized container would seem to be an advantage.

  4. Love birds and bird cages!!
    Have you entered my giveaway yet Sharon? I am just going through all the entrees!
    Pamela :)