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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The time has come ...

The time has come.....

 to reveal seven things about myself  after Tami from High Street Cottage gave me with the Stylish Blogger award. So here goes...
 I'm sure I was French in a former life even though I live in South Africa, and my ancestors are English, Irish and American and my husband's family all live in New Zealand.

 I have twin boys. My dad was a twin. My eldest sister has twins. Her twins and my twins share a birthday. I wish I had a twin sibling.

 I have a degree in Industrial Psychology. I'm not sure why as I'm not particularlyinterested in the subject. I should have studied something more creative or design orientated. C'est la vie.

 My husband and sons are in agreement that it is better for all of us if I have a glass of wine in the evening.

My favourite magazine is Art and Decoration. It is quite expensive and is written in French so I don't understand very much of it, but I can't resist buying it every month.

 I have travelled to Alaska and other parts of North America, Europe, South America and parts of Africa. There is much of the world I still want to see but I would be happy with just one (or more)  trips to France.

And finally, I love oil painting, playing bridge, wine gums and my GHD hair iron.

That was probably more than you needed or wanted to know, but I got carried away! Apologies!
I would like to pass the award on to many other bloggers. There are so many wonderful blogs out there so I really need to take some time to decide. So stay tuned.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Sharon, Oh My Goodness, I loved this post!!! I am assuming wine gums are what we call "wine labels"? and I had to giggle when you said your family feels it's better if you have a glass of wine at night, hehe my husband feels the same way! It's fun getting to know each other. Such an exotic place to live too. I have a client from South Africa by the way. She's got the most gorgeous accent! Thank you for sharing, xoxo tami

  2. Wine gums? Never, ever heard of that! Those? Them? I am off to google!

  3. I'll be your twin, i have twins (middle of my 4) & love France, live in Australia (close to NZ) have a psychology degree which i'll never use either, ditto for pharmacology . . . MUCH rather be a housewife. Love this post & funnily enough, did my Stylish Blogger award post today too, see, we're MADE for each other!! Love Posie

  4. PS my husband has zillions of twins in his family, but my twins are fraternal, as my OBGYN said "they're my fault"!! Love Posie

  5. Just found your lovely blog! I like it very much! Love your style! You have a new follower! Kisses

  6. Dear Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog, too!
    I was born in Italy but spent my whole life in Spain, grew up there ( since I was one month old) and now I am married to a German and living in Germany!! Quite confusing I know!!!:-))) Kisses

  7. This was a fun post, and your baby boys are just so beautiful! My best friend's (she lives in Alaska right now!) sister has twin boys, and they are just so adorable - we love them to pieces!