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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laundry Lust

I was perfectly satisfied with my laundry room until I came across this beauty! Most of us would have that beautiful French pastry table in our entrance halls or formal living rooms. This homeowner uses it for folding laundry!

Yes, there's the evidence... it really is a laundry room!

Built in freezer and a glimpse of the kitchen beyond.

That beautiful copper sink gets used for washing muddy boots and dirty clothes!

The back door to this laundry room is grander than most of our front entrances!

It even has it's own little courtyard and seperate entrance (but no washing line in sight!).

I think this homeowner must do laundry all day, everyday! I would! Now excuse me while I go and do some laundry in my sad little hovel of a laundry room. : (

This laundry was designed by the talented Sue Murphy. She has a blog called
 Life as a House which is well worth a visit.

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. WOW Sharon! I agree..wonderful space and that table is super enviable Colx

  2. Oh, now i'm envious of that laundry, i wonder if she ever lets it double as a guest room?? Oh so gorgeous, stylish but notice you can see it through the archway to the rest of the house, shudder, a laundry without a door to hide your unfinished business. Thanks for that treat Sharon, love Posie

  3. That is amazing!
    Funny, I just discovered I have that light fixture! I bought it on ebay three years ago while recovering from back surgery after I was hit by a car. I have no recollection of purchasing it! I found it in a box in the garage yesterday!
    It was like Christmas!
    Too bad I don't have that butcher table hiding anywhere! LOL!

  4. that is how the other half does their laundry...
    too drool-worthy ♥

  5. Gorgeous post Sharon!!

    Can you just imagine having a laundry room like this? OMG I think i'd died and went to heaven!!! I love to do laundry...weird that way...but oh I would never leave this room!!

    Pamela xo

  6. I came to know your blog .... very beautiful!
    Come meet me too and follow me follow you too! Hug

  7. Sharon, Thank you so much for posting the laundry room I designed.I was just cleaning up a few things on my blog when I noticed your visit. I assure you the laundry is a very hard working part of the house. Our biggest challenge was making it attractive as well as hard working because it is right off of my clients garage and this is the way most friends enter the house. Of course being friends we don't mind a few piles of laundry once in a while.

    So fun to find you clear across the world. This is what I love about Blogs.