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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lovely Linen

I adore linen curtains and would probably have them in most rooms in my home if I could. Here are some beautiful rooms featuring lovely linen curtains.

I think that linen curtains look best hung on simple iron rods.

These curtains compliment this room perfectly.

(Via Under Spanish Moss)

I love these sheer ones below, billowing in the breeze.

(Via House Beautiful)

These are a perfect match to the grey toned wood of the table.

(Via Art and Decoration)
 I love the way these let through filtered light.

(Via Art and Decoration)

Here they are used on a four poster bed. Gorgeous.

(Via Cote de Texas)

These work beautifully on the tall, narrow doors.

(Via Windlost)

And here they are used with great success in a bathroom.

(Via Velvet and Linen)

The perfect solution for these high ceilings and narrow windows.

(Via Under Spanish Moss)

Hope you are all having a lovely week!                                             

Till next time                                                  

Sharon x                                


  1. I need to make drapes for most of my rooms and I get so overwhelmed by the options!
    Thanks for this post! It came at just the right time!


  2. I love linen curtains too and have just bought some for a new project I'm working on. These pics are such great inspiration. Thank-you!

  3. Hi Sharon, beautiful curtains and beautiful rooms!! Martina

  4. I agree with you linen drapes!
    I love linen period!!
    These images are just gorgeous...thanks for sharing
    them! It's nice to dream!

    Pamela xo

  5. Loving linen, too dear Sharon! Not only for curtains but cushions, dresses and so on! fresh for the warm season!!! kisses

  6. I love all these photographs. What great inspiration. I have the itch to redecorate. I agree about the simplicity of the curtain rod for Linen curtains. Thanks for sharing. I am currently sharing a womans shabby chic home From Quebec. hope you can pop on by.
    Au Revoir

  7. Those linen curtains certainly added charm in those lovely rooms ♥

  8. Great post. I have some lovely white ones but I need some lovely rods to go with them.

  9. Sharon just found your blog through Brenda's welcome wagon Friday. Love your blog and the curtains are absolutely fabulous. I am your newest follower ;-)

  10. these are lovely inspiration pictures.
    I've come over from the Cozy House and I've been looking around-- You have a lovely home.

  11. Hi Sharon, visiting from Cozy Little House. I love all these pictures. I'm thinking about linen for our window dressings. Thanks for sharing these.

    Lisa x

  12. I am starting to decorate my bedroom within the next few weeks and will need to find window dressings for four have helped to narrow the field.

    Many thanks,