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Monday, April 25, 2011


I dream about owning a home in France, probably somewhere in Provence. I dream about the house itself, what it will look like on the outside and the inside, and what it would be like living the French dream. I imagine every room, the placement of every piece of furniture, the curtains, the wall colours, the balance between rustic and elegant. It is sometimes quite exhausting trying to get it just right! These are some pictures that resemble the images in my head.

The entrance has a beautiful table adorned with interesting bits and pieces. The floor is original stone. (Source unknown)

The Salon. I'm not sure exactly what happens in a salon, but I'm sure I need one! (Via Eclectic Revisited)

The Living Room. These sofas are so comfy and I love the rustic coffee table, armoire and  mirror. (Via My Beautiful Disaster)

The "salle à manger" has beautiful slip-covered chairs paired with a robust table. (Via Cote de Texas)

This is a corner of the kitchen with a beautiful table for food preparation. (Via Euroitalia)

The breakfast room forms part of the kitchen (Via Under Spanish Moss)

This is another corner of the kitchen. Yes, its a huge kitchen! We are in Provence after all - it's all about the food. (Via House Beautiful)

This is a room I call the solarium. This is where I sit with the latest "Côte Ouest" or "Art and Decoration" or maybe my laptop catching up on all your blogs. (Via The Hairstylist that loves Home Design)

This is my bedroom, the colours, the chaise longue, the armoire, the doors - all perfect. (via House Beautiful)

Yes, I have to have a fireplace in my "salle de bains" and a beautiful slipper bath. (Via Marie Claire)
My guestroom. Would you like to come and stay? (Via Full Bloom Cottage)

This is where we have our al fresco meals (via Lynne Rees)

No Provencal home would be complete without an olive tree. (via French Inspired Living)
And finally - a beautiful and welcoming facade (via Provence Rental)

So, how do you like my French dream house? Could you live here?

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. Absolutely lovely! I love the living room sofas and the skirted breakfast banquette.

  2. Yup!! I could. I love France...even though I've never been!

  3. Gorgeous Sharon but no more beautiful then your gorgeous home!! I could definitely see myself living in a home like that. Martina

  4. Oh yes i could live here in a heartbeat Sharon!
    I had to go through this post very very slowly and savour every image!! Gorgeous!!!
    What a dream to live like this. I love the washed out wood colours and soft greys. Heaven i would say!!

    Pamela ox

  5. Oh I'm with you...
    I sometimes find myself French-dreaming...

    I love your image inspirations,
    love the rustic ambiance, the classy style, and the furniture are so gorgeous...

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post ♥

  6. Woman, when you dream, you dream big!
    I could live there. I am not sure my man could though. Not really his style.
    We spent our summer holiday in the provence two years ago. It was heavenly. I am sure I will be back there soon.
    Happy dreaming to you!

  7. Sharon, your dream house in Provence- just perfect! I would LOVE to be a visitor. much love Colx ~ Afrique du Sud

  8. Sharon, my thoughts exactely. Just adore this look. Dreaming of a summer touring France!! Have a wonderful week!

  9. You bet I could live there! And I too have no idea what goes on in a Salon but I want one too!

  10. I love your french dream house, I think it is my french dream house too. Ooohhh to dream. These are very inspiring pictures for decorating, even if I can't live in France. Leahxx

  11. Enchanting...
    Sharon your posts are lovely and inspiring!
    Keep dreaming and sharing!

  12. I'm dreaming right along with you...gorgeous images!!

  13. You're a girl after my own heart. I love to dream and you have some beautiful ones!

  14. When can I move in? I loved every single room. My first time here but I will definitely be back. We like the very same things. Mona

  15. Gorgeous. I loved my visit. Im glad its not just me that likes to dream away on houses. I would definitely visit you.Fiona

  16. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my post of Gregory Mellor! And I am so glad I have found your beautiful blog!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I really like your house and its collections! Thanks for sharing!...Daniel

  18. love
    everything around here!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gorgeous photos!
    i'm saving some to use on my future house!
    happy weekend,