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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas ~ Neutral and Natural

It is so difficult to choose a look for Christmas with so much fantastic inspiration at our fingertips. While I love the rich colours of a traditional Christmas, for some reason, this year I have really been drawn to Christmas decor with more neutral colours and natural elements. Here is selection of pictures I have found to illustrate the look.

I love the simplicity of  dried branches hung with simple Christmas baubles.

Christmas stockings made from burlap or beautiful fabrics in pale hues.

I think I am going to keep my table setting very simple this year - something along these lines.


This year I am wrapping my presents in brown paper and then jazzing them up with beautiful ribbon.

I wonder if I will make a gingerbread house again. I made one a few years ago. It took me an entire day to make and my boys flattened it in about 5 seconds. I haven't completely got over that experience!

I would never of thought of grey as a colour for Christmas, but this is lovely.

I think I will stick to white, gold and silver on my tree.

I love the fabric decorations below.


There are lots of ways one can use natural elements for Christmas and the best part is that they are inexpensive or free!

Natural greenery and fresh fruit used on a mantel - beautiful.

Potted rosemary bushes as mini Christmas trees - perfect.

Decorations made out of seed pods - gorgeous!

There are hundreds of ways to use pine cones.

Animals must be included.

How about writing a message to Santa or a menu on a blackboard.

I think I'm going to try this at my house LOL!

or this!

I have made a small start on my decorations. I had to move my little desk in the corner to make place for my Christmas tree.

 Here are just a few pictures of my living room in Christmas mode.

So from my home to yours - wishing you all a very .....

Till next time

x Sharon


  1. this is truly my style of interior - at any time of the year: simple, sophisticated, natural. Beautiful. thanks for shairng these wonderful ideas, xo sandra

  2. So much christmas inspiration here!! I love all these pics and all the different styles, I agree it is hard to choose when there is so much inspiration out there. Love that last 'merry christmas' bunting. Your living room looks gorgeous in it all it's christmas glory. Merry Christmas to you too!! Leahxx

  3. I think you've captured Christmas perfectly with your neutral look. It's so soft and relaxed but still says Christmas. I absolutely love it!

    Merry Christmas Sharon!

  4. Thank you SO much for sharing all of that wonderful eye candy! Your home is just as beautiful as the other pictures that you had in your post. I haven't actually done much decorating at my house yet so your post is a real inspiration for me.

  5. All your photos are beautiful!! I love the beautiful natural look.


  6. Beautiful simple, clean styles.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family


  7. Sharon... all of these images are so lovely, especially the ones of your beautiful home! Merry Christmas to you :)

  8. I love all the inspiration pictures and your tree is beautiful. I like the container it is in.

  9. Beautiful images Sharon and your living room looks beautiful!! Can't wait to see more!! Martina

  10. Gorgeous images. Very inspiring. Merry Xmas. Jane :)

  11. Beautiful rooms, stunning christmas inspiration, have a lovely week.x

  12. Sharon! Your living room is stunningly beautiful! I love it...and you and I like many of same colors, I tend to use lots of golds, ivories and very soft tones on my tree too. I love this much beauty all in one place. And your living room is truly gorgeous!

  13. have really fallen in love with white and a little gold or gilt for this holiday season..
    it just strikes me as so uncomplicated and natural, lending to a simpler time..
    beautiful images..

  14. I love how you creatively arranged your rose votives on the coffee table. Cant wait to see your packages done. The ribbons were amazing...

  15. Hi Sharon. I could visit here all day with the gorgeous inspiration.. your home is looking wonderfully festive. Have a great time decorating, make the gingerbread house and out it on display for a day and then let them have it!!



  16. Wow, so much to see! Where do we start? Fiona

  17. Sharon - you know how much I love a natural Christmas and this post demonstrates that so beautifully! To me it's calming and keeps the holiday season in perspective - for what it is intended...very nicely done!

  18. wow, that was quite a dose ;-) I love all that gorgeous glassware and the ribbons.

  19. Love the neutrals! Beautiful palette. It is the perfect warmth needed during this chilly Christmas season!

  20. Gorgeous! Just what I'm loving this holiday too-- a little rest for the eyes and mind from the hectic. I love the restfulness of this decor.


  21. These images are gorgeous, Sharon. Love natural greenery with fruit on mantels...and your home...stunning!!

  22. Such a gorgeous compilation of holiday inspiration. Thank you!

  23. Sharon...this post is awesome... I like the burlap and white look too. The Merry Christmas banner is delightful.
    Merry Christmas to YOU!

  24. just had to stop back through and take another look at this stunning getting lots of the gorgeous whites in your wanting to do whites as well..
    hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy your family at the holiday too....

  25. I have just discovered your blog and I could not stop reading back!
    I follow!

  26. hello Sharon, i am just doing my little Santa tour, coming to drop off a shining star for you :)
    ...and wish you a merry Christmas.
    Thank you for the lovely inspiration you share with all of us all year around
    xo sandra

  27. My dear...
    wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!
    Bisous, Babi

  28. Hi Sharon. I am new to your lovely blog...just viewed your Christmas is very beautiful and full of gorgeous do able ideas....for next year!!! Loved my visit this morning over tea....Thank you? N.xo

  29. I'm new visitor in your blog, and I think upon seeing these beautiful Christmas decorations and other posts, I think I'm gonna be a new avid follower. Thanks for sharing these decorating ideas!