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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delectable Dining

Via Decorare on Tumblr

How divine....

Via Rajeee Sood dine....

Via Eclectic Revisited such exquisite surroundings...

Via Decorare on Tumblr

...exuding such wonderful atmosphere...

Via Conspicuous Style Blog

...with tasteful table linen....

Via e mag deco

...opulent objets...

Via Particular Poetry on Tumblr

...charming chandeliers....

Via House Beautiful

...abundant art...

Via Euro Antique Market

...covetable candelabras...

Via Eclectic Revisited

....tantalising tableware....

Via Belgian Pearls

 ....and fabulous furniture...

The meal itself hardly matters!

Till next time

Sharon x


  1. I love the mood in each one of these dining rooms. And every one has gorgeous chairs. (Some great chandeliers, too!)

  2. Mmmmm......makes me want to do some re decorating in the diningroom...
    Mooi bly maar mooi!!
    Lovely week to you
    Colette x

  3. Oh yes,
    you'll hardly care for the meal
    your senses will be delighted and fed
    by the beautiful and serene surroundings.

  4. Sharon,

    All amazing images. Nothing beats that French influence. Love it.

  5. I'm with you Sharon in rooms like those I'm not sure I would notice what's on my plate!


  6. Very romantic. I am with Debra, I wouldn't notice what I was eating!

  7. Sharon, how can we choose? All so loving the lighting here also! Planning more of a neutral palette as well with the renovation we are going through.
    Thank you for offering such great inspiration! N.xo

  8. Thanks to The Enchanted Home, i came across your blog. Beautiful, inspiring... am now a follower

  9. Sharon,
    Such beautiful rooms. I loved the mural on the wall in the one room, very subtle but still intriguing. The mirrored sconces are so pretty. What great ideas.

  10. while i was looking at these beautiful picture i thought “and who would care about the food...”
    then i see we all thought the same!! isn’t that funny??