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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Musings - Covetable Crockery

I used to collect actual tableware, but when my cupboards got too full and my wallet too empty, I started a virtual collection which I'm going to show you today. I love fine china, but for everyday use, I love the rustic, organic and sturdier feel of these gorgeous examples.

Such a gorgeous colour!

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Love the scalloped edge.

Perhaps not for everyday, but so pretty.

Love the bowls (the choccie looks great too!)

The handmade look has such appeal.

Do you have any virtual collections? 

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. I just love dishes. I always have. My favorite thing go do as a little girl was play with them. Love your virtual collection. White mixed with silver. Just doesn't get any better than that. XO Mona

  2. Lovely photos, Sharon! And very inspiring table settings. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! All best, Phyllis

  3. I can see why you have a virtual collection of dishes I would have a tough time picking just one to collect. Yes I have virtual collections and that's why I'm on Pinterest, it's easy on the wallet! Enjoy your week!


  4. I love the rustic handmade collections the best. The uniqueness and individuality stand out to me. Leahx

  5. Oh they are all beautiful, the colours are gorgeous.x

  6. Lovely collection Sharon. My cupboards are full too and my husband has declared no more china collecting. I've taken your suggestion and started my own virtual collection, starting with some of these beauties here, on Pinterest. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Speaking of china, we were watching a movie the other night about Mrs. Thatcher and realized she was drinking tea out of our wedding china. Small world.

  7. Sharon-Love all your dishes. Are the shelves plastered! Is so what kind? thanks Leslie

  8. So many beautiful collections, Sharon. I adore the ones with the scalloped edge!!

  9. I cant even count how many sets of china I have. Trying to store them gets to be a challenge.I was just thinking I need to get rid of some and clean out my cupboards.

  10. Sharon all beautiful images of gorgeous pottery!!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes.

    Art by Karena

  11. Love the look of aged white pottery like you show here...I think I saw some of mine by Vietri in these pictures. I bought some in Italy a few years ago and I love pulling it out as often as possible! Those aqua pieces are gorgeous too and perfect for Summer.

  12. Sharon,
    As a dishaholic, I think you may have hit on a great idea, but your images were so tempting I wanted to launch a search for some of the patterns. Oh dear, no cure save for the fact that, like you, I don't have a single inch of space for anymore dishes! :-)

  13. Dear Sharon, I may have to revert to virtual collecting of china as well!! I absolutely love dishes, of any kind! Mine are packed up at the moment ready for our renovation......may have to decide to part with some very soon.......I too am leaning more and more to pottery type, rustic more chunky pieces....rather than fine china, your choices are lovely, virtual or not!! N.xo

  14. Sharon they are all so pretty! Love the image of the crate filled with the silver trays.

  15. Im a china girl and find it hard to resist when i see some that I like. Can we ever have too much? Fiona

  16. I'm sending your link to a friend of mine that will be swooning over this for the rest of the month ;-)

  17. Oh so pretty...
    Men will never understand why we love them so much.
    My hubby does not get it,
    why I need to have so much of them
    but I don't care I continue collecting them,
    they make me so happy ♥

  18. *sigh*! Such a beautiful collection you found!

  19. wonderful collection indeed. (sorry Sharon i am bombarding you with my comments today, but i have been away for a while, and i see i have missed too much!)

  20. Hi Sharon, l love your taste of the turcouis dinner set above.
    Where can i buy more or less the same?.
    I live in Pretoria. Gauteng