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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rustic Dining

There is something so appealing about a rustic dining table.  Whether it is scrubbed pine, a chippy painted surface, an old trestle table, weathered wood worn from years of use or a table made from old floorboards or scaffold planks, it just looks so inviting to me and is the perfect surface for serving good, wholesome, rustic food! Look at these lovely examples which I've interspersed with some divine looking food just to whet your appetites!

Till next time

Sharon x

Image source: All food pics via google images
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  1. Sharon, I could literally dive in to every image...I want to live like this...I'm just panting over the simple beauty and comfort of this lifestyle. Happy Sunday. XO, Mona

  2. Sharon, this is a fab post. You put so much into it I hope everyone comes over to enjoy with you.
    I'm trying to find an old table for an outdoor space, just to give it character, you know. But, they are very hard to come by these days. xx's

  3. Hi Sharon,
    wow.. well this is wonderful I agree..nothing better than a long farm table (a little worn adds character). I've got one in my kitchen/great room and it's perfect for entertaining. My dinning room table is smaller and not a cozy so everyone prefers the farm/family style table.

    I'll be saving a few of these photos! These tables also look pretty with a burlap or linen runner.


  4. Imagine all the good stories told over those tables.

  5. Love rustic al fesco dining! In reality there would probably be loads of flys, but it's fun to dream!

  6. Rustic dining at it's best!! Beautiful images!

  7. I also prefer a sturdy rustic table,
    gives a lot of warmth in the dining space
    and i love old fashioned comfort dishes served on them...

  8. I like rustic tables at all especially when they are so beautiful decorated and loaded with yummy food.

  9. I am clearing my table right now!! lovely images Sharon. have a lovely week.( first week of hottest Feb expected!) bisous Colette

  10. Bom dia,
    eu também gosto de mesas rústicas. Lindas e inspiradoras imagens.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  11. Beautiful tables, Sharon. I love their handmade qualities and homespun charm! And of course, their patina. I'm ready for lunch ;-)

  12. So true darling! I love them all.
    I have a small little one in my actual kitchen and is my favourite plece for photos... =)

  13. I adore this look too.... so pretty! Great images of made me hungry!

  14. Such a pretty blog! I have four boys as well <3

  15. Sharon,
    I love the tables and the food on them made me hungry. Very fun!

  16. Superbe !!! I love all ...And food of course ! Here we are on the morning so I'm going to the boulangerie to take croissants et baguettes ...
    Bon appétit et bonne journée

  17. The rustic style is so organic and comforting! Each image feels like home.