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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Warming to Winter

Well, winter has most definitely arrived here in Cape Town, but we should not let that get us down.... winter offers so much to look forward to.... a comfy chair and a good book...

....the warmth of a crackling fire....

.... cosy, comfy clothes....

... taking up knitting....

....on second thoughts, I'm not sure about the knitting, I may just get carried away!....

....warm woollen blankets....

....delicious hot drinks....


... and comfort food.... to winter, I say....

A warm welcome to you!

Till next time

Sharon x

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  1. I LOVE these images! YIKES!!


    thank you so much!


  2. So Funny, the hot hot summer is what is arriving here!!! xo Leslie

  3. My dear,
    if this can help you ... here in Italy its really cold!
    We had a rainy spring. Just today there's the sun. We have snow on mountains, no to far from me and no too high!
    Nice, think that we are on the opposide part of the world. Summer here (I hope but not now) and winter where you are ...
    Have a great week.
    Bisou, Babi

  4. Sharon

    It was 105 at our lake house over the weekend...hard to imagine winter at this point! Lovely post as always!

  5. Sharon...beautiful your sitting by a fire and getting all bundled up in some great winter clothes...we are sitting by a pool in a bathing suit. Enjoy...your wonderful season!

  6. Oh Sharon,
    Even though we are racing towards Summer here, I love winter and your images made me long for those cool, fireplace roaring, wool sock wearing days. Great images. Enjoy your season.

  7. I know I whinned a lot this past winter because of all our snow but you really need the seasons to appreciate the seasons. Enjoy your warmth Sharon and I'll enjoy it another way!


  8. hard for me to imagine, since we are now in the throws of our Summer. This almost makes me want to go back...but I do love my Summers at the lake. Enjoy that crackling fire...XO, Mona

  9. Well, when you put the winter that way you did... I have to love the wintter -beautiful pics!