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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Idyllic in Italy

The Tuscan countryside must be amongst the most beautiful in the world and this home really does do justice to its beautiful setting.

Imagine a meal on this patio looking out over those rolling green hills eating delicious Italian food. What bliss!

The home is furnished in a relaxed and comfortable way, but without compromising on style.

The kitchen and dining room are simply furnished with terracotta tiles underfoot, perfectly cool in the hot summers.

Slipcovers, white linen, rustic lime-washed  beams and French doors bringing the outside in - what more could you ask for.

The main bedroom, beautifully dressed in white.

Interesting details are evident in every corner, but always kept simple.

I love this bedroom with it's pretty beds and subtle colours.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little Italian interlude and that the coming week will be kind to you.
Till next time
Sharon x

Image source : here


  1. I love that hall tree, the color of it is so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous photos
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous Sharon. I've yet to travel here.. it's on my bucket list! That kitchen! The baskets, range, the colors and textures.. lovely. Thanks for sharing and hope you had a nice weekend!


  4. Gorgeous home...its funny to see a swimming pool in Italy...for some reason it looks out of place..

  5. J'ai passé une semaine en Toscane au mois de Juin et la magie a opéré comme sur tes photos

  6. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Just lovely!

  7. I would love to go back to Italy soon! There is nothing like Italian food or the Italian countryside for that matter! I particularly love that last image of the bathroom...just wonderful!

  8. Sharon,
    This home is perfect. I love that it looks so inviting indoors and out! The views are so peaceful and the attention to detail within each room makes it one of my favorites, now if I could only get to Tuscany. :D

  9. Pure love ...
    I'm from Tuscany so I love this post.
    The tuscan countryside has the power to leave you breathless ...
    Thanks for this post.
    Bisou, Babi

  10. Absolutely divine! Such incredible views!! I would never leave this house....just invite our family and friends over :)
    x Loi

  11. Another comment of divine! I could sell everything today to got there.

  12. Definitely idyllic!! Just beautiful. Love that coat and hat rack... although hat rack doesn't seem like quite the right term for that beauty :)

  13. Just gorgeous and funnily I am showing my husband the kitchen as I type, we have been putting in some shelving and a bench (rustico plus) and I want a shelf underneath and baskets. He of course has other ideas and a friend to back him up. lol x
    My Aunt sent me your link and she is a serious Francophile, her homes are a decorators delight and in her early 70's now wants to start a blog.
    anyway great to meet you
    ciao for now
    lisa x

  14. Magnifique ! I want to go over there !!!!
    Bises et bon dimanche