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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wonderful Waterford

Some beautiful winter sun over a long weekend went a long way to restoring my good humour which I seem to have lost recently. Yes, the weather, coupled with a visit to the wonderful Waterford Wine Estate followed by delicious food and great music at the Root 44 market, definitely improved my mood. 

I forgot to take my camera, so most of these pics comes from the Waterford website (here) except for a few that I took with my phone.
Waterford, above, is built in style reminiscent of a chateau in Bordeaux. The picture below is of an actual chateau in Bordeaux. Can you see why I felt like I was in France for the day!

The beautiful winery is surrounded by rolling lawns, ancient citrus groves and lavender beds.

The stone used in the building is from local quarries and the timber came from the estate itself.

The building surrounds a courtyard, in the centre of which is a beautiful fountain, the symbol of Waterford Wine.

My favourite feature of the building is this stone tower over the entrance.

I love the green shutters. A bit of a change from the usual grey-blue associated with French homes.

Beautiful scenery, every way you look!


So, if you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend a visit to Waterford. You can even do a wine and chocolate tasting, like we did.

And I guarantee you will end up in a very good mood!
Till next time
Sharon x

Waterford Website : Here


  1. Oh Sharon how did you ever tear yourself away from that wonderful place? How could you not have a good time in your little piece of "France". Glad to hear you have your smile back on your face.


  2. Gorgeous place. Looks like a nice place to relax.

  3. SPECATACULAR!! I feel like I have been away on the most perfect mini virtual vacation.

  4. Wow Sharon! Gorgeous spot. Thanks for the taking us along:) Love the green shutters and the lavender.

  5. Sharon,
    What a beautiful winery. I almost thought you were showing us Spain.

  6. Sharon...what a gorgeous place....I don't think I would of wanted to come home...

  7. Sharon this is really an amazing place. Lovely pictures and yes, seems to be in France, the house is really similar to the paint you show.
    Love the house, the green, the nature, flowers, I love everything.
    Bisou, Babi