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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Aesthete's Alphabet - F is for Feathers

You could knock me over with a feather, but it was while I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs that inspiration struck for this alphabet post (thanks Andie from Divine Theatre....a nice feather in your cap).  Us décor enthusiasts are all birds of a feather. We like to to feather our nests. We don't necessarily believe that fine feathers make fine birds and don't like to rustle any feathers, but we do like our homes to look in fine feather....I'll stop now before I see feathers fly or you decide to tar and feather me for using so many cliché's in one paragraph!

















Vintage blue bottles with feathers




                                          “Hope” is the thing with feathers
                                                 By Emily Dickinson
                                           “Hope” is the thing with feathers -
                                              That perches in the soul -
                                        And sings the tune without the words -
                                              And never stops – at all -
                                      And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard -
                                          And sore must be the storm -
                                         That could abash the little Bird
                                          That kept so many warm -
                                         I’ve heard it in the chillest land -
                                           And on the strangest Sea -
                                            Yet – never – in Extremity,
                                             It asked a crumb – of me.



Till next time
Sharon x
Image source:3. Organise and Decorate Everything  4. White Cabana 8. Kara Rosenlund 9. Divine Theatre 17 Miss Mustard Seed 21 Sacred Gifts Studio 24 The Recued Home 31 Country Style Mag 32 Dee Day.  All other images via Pinterest and Tumblr


  1. Sharon, I'm crazy about all of your feathers! What a creative and awesome post, I love each stunning photograph~
    Have a great Sunday~

  2. Dear Sharon, I also mentioned and thought that Feather would make a great post. However, I didn't think that you could come up with so many spectacular images. You definitely have the eye for Beauty and originality. I especially love the white goose feathers dipped in gold...but then there are so many fabulous images that I am bowled over. One thing is for sure I will be following my Geese, Hansel and Gretel, around for a while to assemble a few new feathers.

  3. my oh my sharon, all these feather images, each so individual and lovely. i too noticed andie's feathers in that fab room of hers.
    now i am seriously coveting those feather scarves, which is dangerous as i will kill a considerable amount of time on the hunt.
    thank you for a beautiful start to the day!




  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your beautiful post! I am actually bookmarking this one. I am so enamored of each and every photograph!
    I read a poem when I was young about a feather being a letter from a magical...
    I have been known to perform death-defying acts to acquire an errant feather in the wilderness! LOL!
    I'm glad my post did not inspire you to blog about about they are covering my cloches in abundance! LOL!



  5. After this post, I too, will be on the look out for FEATHERS!!!! Wonderful images! Barbara P from MA

  6. Sharon,
    I love feathers, whenever I find one on my walks I save it. You've shown some lovely uses for feather, purchased or found. What a fun use for "f"...can't wait to see what "g" will be!

  7. Such a lovely post! All these pictures are wonderful. Love the key tassel and the feather bouquet. Great inspiration!

    Nice and Clean Sutton

  8. I am a fan of feathers too. What a wonderful post. The images are fabulous.


  9. Such a creative post....the feathers are charming!

  10. I LOVE this post! Featuring feathers is unique and the alphabet idea is brilliant!